We all want to be healthy and stay in shape, but just going to the gym is not cutting it for a lot of people, whether it’s because they can’t find the right regime, or simply because doing the same thing is too repetitive to keep anyone motivated. But with the rise of health-consciousness within the millennial generation, the fitness industry has stepped up to give some fresh new ideas, and to revamp the old ones. So here are the most popular trends in fitness to give you some inspiration as we head into the colder months.

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Bodyweight training

Why would you ever need to use weights? Unless you’re someone who is very devoted to lifting heavy things, all you really need in everyday life is to be able to support your own weight for an extended period of time, either on your legs or your arms. If you can plank for over two minutes, do some push-ups and pull-ups and do a wall-sit for a minute or so – you’re set! But a lot of us can’t do that, and we need some training to get there. This is exactly what bodyweight training is for, and it’s so convenient because you don’t need any special equipment or space – you can do it right in your bedroom whenever you have a spare moment of time. Just remember that you need to push past the moment when it starts to hurt, because that is when the muscles are built up.

Technology improvements

We can sort this into two categories: wearable technology and equipment technology. For the first one, the best example is the Fitbit and similar gadgets that track your progress and your health all throughout your day. You can also find sports bras with integrated heart monitors that tell you when to give it some more strength or when to take a break. But the big changes are the equipment. Not only are they giving you so much information about your body and regime, but they are also helping your workout routine be more efficient. If you ever try a vibration plate, you will see how big of a difference it makes, even if you’re doing the exact same exercises you did before. It increases the force put on your body and makes every move count more.



Of course one of the most popular exercise regimes is yoga. You can barely turn your head today without seeing an Instagram post about someone enjoying yoga in the morning, or news about another celebrity hopping on the yoga train. The biggest difference, perhaps, is that yoga is now divided into categories to help people find exactly what they need. If you want to relax and unwind, but end up at yoga for strength class – you might get the opposite effect of what you’re looking for, so do some research and find something that suits you and your needs.

Group classes

Training alone can be efficient if you are training with a professional coach because all of their attention is on you. However, not everyone can afford a private coach and lessons, so a better option is group classes. It not only holds you accountable to show up for class, but the energy of the shared “suffering” can be a great motivator to push yourself a bit more. You can find a wide variety of group classes at basically any gym, so make sure that you get a spot in one that suits your needs and wants.

Outdoor exercise

Outdoor exercise

Not just running laps at your local park, but getting some serious nature time with weekend hikes, rock climbing and similar activities that will activate your whole body and bring you closer to nature. It might need some more planning or equipment, and it’s not exactly something that you can do on a regular basis, but it’s a great way to top up your energy and strength.

 No matter what your chosen exercise routine is, make sure that it’s something that feels good, because if it doesn’t feel good and you’re forcing yourself through it every time – you won’t be able to keep it up, and if there is one thing that all of these workout routine have in common, it’s that they require consistency.

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