Gas struts or springs provide support to the hinges of covers, doors, lids as well as hatches which are horizontally placed. They act as a support system in a wide range of ways like lifting up, pushing down or lowering and placing in the right position. Due to its versatility, they are used in many applications.

Car Gas Struts

The canopy gas struts are perfect instrument that can hold the doors and lid or covers very easily. There are some reasons for the consumer to install canopy gas struts in their appliances which are mentioned and explained below:


  • These devices do not require frequent replacement but some instances can be solved by installing new struts.
  • The first instance could be that if the existing canopy gas struts are not performing its job correctly like opening unnecessarily or closing too soon or slips without any secure holding then it is the time to replace it with a new one.
  • This situation can be very dangerous because it can even hurt the person using that appliance.
  • The second instance could be that if the consumer requires a stronger canopy gas struts which could provide a greater force then it must be replaced with a new one providing a greater driving force.
  • The last instance would be that if the client did not realize the important of installing a canopy gas struts in his appliance previously then he can freshly install it by understanding the value at present.

Canopy Gas Struts

How Can The Right Type Of Gas Struts Be Purchased By The Consumer?

There are many different types of canopy gas struts which are installed for different applications and also upon the consumer and his demand. This would depend upon the different dimensions of the struts and the particular project for which it is needed. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the strength of the struts is measured in Newton.

Selecting the right type of struts is very simple. For the first instance if the client wants to replace an old or existing gas strut then he just needs to buy a new strut of the same strength as the older one. This can be done by looking on the print on the old strut. The same strength will be available in a new rod. On the other hand, if the client has no existing canopy gas struts then he needs to estimate the load in Newton and then purchase it from the market.

What Should A Client Do If He Does Not Have A Canopy Gas Strut Number?

It is mentioned earlier that there is very frequent replacement required in strut due to certain wear and tear while performing its function. Now there can be a problem for the client to replace the old or existing canopy gas struts with new ones if he does not know the number or the print on the old one that is damaged.

There are three ways which can help the client out in this situation.

  1. Firstly, weight of the particular door, hatch or lid can be the first solution.
  2. Depending upon the application the distance of the canopy gas struts should be noted which would be roughly 20% lower.
  3. Lastly the distance measured for the door at the time of closure and half of the distance will be required for the strut. For example, if the distance would be 100mm then the strut that will be required will be of 50mm.


These all points help the consumer choose the best canopy gas strut for their projects. Safety is the first and foremost priority of the manufacturer. They not just want their clients to be safe but also make their products having great functionality.

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