Are you looking forward to opening your cafe? After you have considered the location and the renting of a suitable place, you need to go over the décor. We are talking about the interior, theme, and most importantly, the cafe chairs and tables – the furniture.

Cafe chair

Along with selling the best cup of coffee and the most delicious cookies/pastries, you need the right furniture to drive home the USP. The best way to ensure is to consult with a top expert like Cafe Solutions when it comes to selecting the right furniture. Consider the aesthetics as well the practicality when browsing through designs.

However, if you are looking for a few quick tips on some of the varieties of cafe furniture available, you are at the right place. Let us have a look at what is trending these days.

It’s all in the cafe chairs

Cafe chairs are the most basic of the furniture requirement for any bistro. Depending on the customer base, you need to plan for the right design of chairs. If your clientele includes the fast-moving office goers along with groups of friends who are looking to hang-out, you need to consider a practical but comfortable design. For this purpose, you can try and test drive your selections to judge the comfort level personally. Also, keep in mind the internal dimensions of your premises.

Bentwood chairs are trendy

You can go for the bentwood chairs quite safely irrespective of the interior décor since these works well with any theme. There are several hues that you can choose from and can be elegant as well as customizable. Bentwood chairs can be expensive and are only for indoor use as they are not highly durable.

Wicker bistro chairs

If you are looking for a more traditional setting, then bistro chairs are perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor seating. Traditional bistro chairs are made out of rattan or wicker. These offer a number of advantages as they are low on maintenance and can be stacked to access the floor during cleaning efficiently.

Metal chairs are a good buy

If you are looking for contemporary styles and designs, then you can go for metal chairs. Metal chairs are incredibly sturdy, and the newer models can be quite comfortable as well. Pair the chairs with cushions, and you can give your cafe the ultimate minimalist and trendy feel.

Now for cafe tables

Before choosing the right cafe table, it is incredibly vital to calculate the floor space available. You need to take into account the privacy of the guests as well as the accessibility for your staff and servers. Once you are sure of the dimensions, you can go about choosing the table design and numbers. Keep in mind that a cafe table can also be used as a workstation. So, it is essential to ensure a sturdy design and material for the furniture piece.

We hope that the post inspires you into making the right choice as far as cafe furniture is concerned. All the best.

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