Best Google Drive Apps


Google developed a synchronization service and file storage named as Google Drive. It allows users to synchronize files across devices, store files in the cloud, and share files. Nowadays, google drive is growing fast as there are lots of useful apps that extend the power of the cloud storage service. Google Chrome supports the apps. Installation is also easy. There are great third-party apps to get a more rich experience while using our Google Drive. Here are the different apps which are useful for you.



HelloFax is a fax application on Google Drive. This is ideal for Google Apps account holders who regularly exchange business documents on daily basis. This is useful for the business purpose. Even if you can’t get rid of faxes, you can get rid of your fax machine. This manages your incoming and outgoing faxes. HelloFax has removed your need to own a fax machine by removing the paper from the process. It supports up to 30 different file types that can be easily signed and faxed from within your Google Drive account. Once if you install HelloFax, it creates a dedicated HelloFax folder in your Google Drive for managing your incoming and outgoing faxes. This isn’t just the fax, you can send the same signed document through email without going to Gmail.

Balsamiq Mockups:


Balsamiq is a rapid wireframing tool that helps you Work Smarter and Faster. This also extends the functionality of your Google Drive by adding support of editing, creating and storing high-quality wireframe sketches within this cloud storage service. It reproduces the experience of sketching on a whiteboard but using a computer. You can make wireframes soon as you’ll get the wireframe document option after installation. You can throw out the bad ones and discover the best solutions if you generate more ideas.



Lucidchart is an app that extends your Google Drive’s functionality by adding support for editing and creating UML diagrams, flowcharts, mind maps, sitemaps, sketches and much more. This app supports an unlimited number of collaborators for a given file with strong version control system. This stores all the revisions by default in your Google Drive. The Collaborators can edit any diagram or map in real time through this powerful application and also comment and can group chat while working on a single document.



The combination of project management application and powerful task for your Google Drive account. This is rich grid-based interface makes the entire project management exercise a pleasing experience. This app supports multiple collaborators for a single project or task management schedule. From Google Docs and contacts you can also update easily. There are many options that make it one of the premier Google Drive apps for task and project management. You can also create different types of reports and can also access the associated files from different smartphones.

Pixlr Editor:


The Pixlr Editor makes your Google Drive a great storage solution for storing and editing your pictures. It’s even easy to open and edit pictures created in GIMP or Photoshop. This consists of dozens of editing effects to give a professional touch to your Pictures very easily and you can store in your Google Drive account. Through this photo editor, you can open large PSD files stored in your Google Drive easily that gives you the flexibility to edit such files directly within your storage directory. Pixlr Editor is ideal for web designers, freelancers, and pictures who frequently work with pictures.



This useful application turns your Google Drive into a powerful media library with many features. You can directly edit or record your video files within Google Drive and can also organize them with ease. Major media file formats are supported. So you don’t have to export them for external editing. Whenever you open a new video file for editing the app creates a project folder on the Google Drive automatically. This one also supports collaborators who can simultaneously work on a single file at a time. This app is ideal for professionals and freelancers.

Graphing Calculator:


This app is useful in plotting different graphs derived from complex mathematical equations. It is mostly useful for mathematics student, researcher, teacher and also good for educational purposes. Generated graphs can be stored easily on your Google Drive. it can greatly help in refining mathematical graph plotting skills. Even teachers can use this in classrooms while they are unable to demonstrate the graph plottings on board. You can take screenshots of plotted graphs to store them on your Google Drive.



The Floorplanner is an awesome tool useful for civil engineers and architects. You can easily create high quality three and two-dimensional floor plans on Google Drive account. By default, it saves your drawings and map files in the cloud for easy access. There is a large number of templates and objects to make professional grade floor plans easily. Even non-professionals can also create home floor plans in this app.

Pixlr Express:


This is another powerful photo editing Google Drive app with over 250 effects to give a professional touch to your pictures. This also has a text tool and an option to paste custom stickers on the pictures. All the pictures you edited will be saved to Google Drive account. Few of them think that this app is a trimmed down version of Pixlr Editor, but it’s not true. This app is equally powerful with loads of photo editing options.



The Google Drive application is a great option if you are a business organization or an individual who frequently send and receive signed business documents daily. You can get your business documents signed securely by DocuSign service through this app on your Google Drive. Many file formats can be signed and sent securely to the recipient. You can save a lot of money otherwise spent on stationery and transportation since all these activities are done on your Google Drive.

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