Tips To Make You A Microsoft Word Expert

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular office suites out there. There are various versions that may be used by students and also for home use. This is also used by small scale and large scale industries and businesses. This is available for Windows PC and Mac and will be made available for some distribution of Linux. Most of the people will use this Microsoft whereas most of them may not use it to its full potential. The reason may be they lack the knowledge about Ms.Word. No worries! Here are we to make you a Microsoft Word expert.

Go through the article to make yourself a Microsoft Word expert. Here are some tips to expertise yourself in this field.

1. Symbols in Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word

While typing a space between the words and click the enter button, you won’t find much difference. Even if you don’t see that, this doesn’t mean that there is nothing done. There are symbols and characters in the Microsoft word that you may not even know. To see all the symbols, go to “Files > Options(Word options) > Display > check on Show all formatting marks”. You can also activate Draft Mode to see what the first doesn’t do. For this, Tap on “View” menu in the menu bar and select “Draft”.

2. Master the Paragraph:


There are a number of ways to format a paragraph. You can indent the first line of the paragraph or can indent the whole paragraph except the first line. The paragraph mark on each paragraph contains information on how the paragraphs can be formatted. This makes them pretty powerful. Copying a whole paragraph with this mark(¶) will copy the formatting too. Otherwise, it will copy the paragraph without formatting.

3. Master Section:


You can organize all your documents by using various breaks in Microsoft Word. We can acquire this through the use of sections. To access these breaks, go to Page Layout > Break. You can find different types of breaks for a document. Microsoft Word doesn’t see the pages as we usually see. Instead, they see sections.  You can format each section independently if you set up the document in sections.

4. Styles:


Creating a style template will help you to use it a number of times for any document. For writing a lot of memos, you can create a memo style. You can repeat the process for any document style. If you wish to see the existing style, you can go to the Home tab in the menu bar. Also, you can change the style depending on your wish by clicking the down arrow. If you are writing a lot in the same style, you can turn them into a style. This will allow you to not format so much and save yourself.

5. Preparing document before writing:


You can format all your headers, paragraphs, and styles before you put your document together. This will allow you to change your document before you are sure that everything is appropriate. After copying and pasting a document, you may find the formatting to be wrong. You might not come across this problem by doing this.

6. Configuring paste options:

Configure Paste Settings

Actually, you can control the pasting options in Microsoft Word by yourself. For this, click on the Office button on the top-left corner, click on options and then tap on Advanced. Here, you can see “Cut, copy and paste option” which will allow you to configure your options. In this option, you can find a various copy, paste options.

7. Use full justification Formatting:

Justified Formatting

Most of us don’t know the justification formatting option in Microsoft Word. The justification formatting is the perfect alignment of left and right margins of a document. Altering the spacing of words in each line will make the alignments perfect. This makes the documents look professional and formal. This can be obtained by clicking on the Office button on the top-left corner of the window. Then tap on Word options > Advanced > layout options. When you expand the layout option, there are a number of options to align the document.

8. Hide the ribbon interface:

Show and Hide Ribbon

The ribbon interface is the toolbox that runs along the top of Microsoft Word. All may not feel comfortable with it. Some may enjoy while others may feel distracted. For those who feel a disturbance with the ribbon, you can get rid of it. It’s simple. Keeping the Microsoft Word open and clicking Ctrl + F1 will remove the ribbon from the Window. Clicking the same again will bring back the ribbon on the window.

9. Remove all formatting:

Clear Formatting

There might be, sometimes, a chance to format and start over. But formatting will end up disorganized and results in a nasty document. After this happens, it’s better to start over from beginning. To do this, select the text you want to remove the formatting and click the clear format button as shown below. This will remove the formatting and you will be left with only the text.

10. Use the Spike to copy and paste:

Spike Pasting

Copy and pasting with Spike is actually interesting. You cut various words from a document and then paste them all together. There isn’t really a specific use-case for this tool but you’ll know when you need it. To use it, use CTRL+F3 to copy. You can do this as many times as you like. When you paste, as usual, it’ll paste everything that you copied using the CTRL+F3 command. This can be useful for collecting snippets of a document and putting them together.

Hope, you will be able to create amazing Microsoft Word documents with these tips. These will help the document look perfectly formal and professional too. More practice of these tips will make your documents look clean.

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