Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

A “low battery” alert is typically followed by an immediate feeling of panic for many people these days. Since a dead smartphone can mean no lifeline to work, no GPS, no social media, no reminders, family or friends. The list goes on.

On concord, what many people don’t realize is that how you use your phone actually impacts its battery life. There are things you can do. Things you should avoid, to make it last longer.

3 easy ways to extend your smartphone’s battery life

1. Avoid “quick charging” as much as possible


Most smartphones have the ability to quick charge. That means they can re-charge faster when plugged into a more powerful charger.

But while it may be convenient, this can damage your phone’s long-term battery life. So just charge your phone whenever you can, the regular old slow way. This helps it stay charged longer and last longer over time.

This can damage your phone’s long-term battery life but while it may be convenient. Just charge your phone the regular old slow way whenever you can. That helps it stay charged longer and last longer over time.

You should always use a slower charger when you’re charging your phone overnight.

2. Never let the battery get down to 0%


Letting the battery get down to 0% can actually damage its ability to hold a charge according to Consumer Reports.

3. Don’t let it get too hot:


Letting the battery to get too hot can cause permanent damage. Whenever possible try to avoid leaving it out in the car, in the sun, outside etc.

More ways to save battery life

By knowing which features to turn off, and changing a few of your phone’s default settings, can also you save some serious battery life. Few tricks to keep in mind are mentioned below:

  • Shorter screen timeout: Set the screen “timeout” to take effect after the shortest amount possible. Go to Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock.
  • Turn off Bluetooth: It’s just draining your battery when you don’t need it. So flip it off when you know you won’t use it for a while.
  • Turn off vibrate: The vibrate function uses more battery than a ringtone.
  • Use airplane mode: If you know that you’re in an area with no signal, and you won’t get one until you leave, turn the phone on airplane mode.
  • Take a notification break: Reduce the frequency of auto updates from news, social media, email, and other apps. While you may need text and phone call alerts on all the time, you may not need alerts from every app on your phone every minute of the day. So just change the notification settings to reduce the frequency of alerts.
  • Lower the brightness: First set the screen brightness to Auto. Then go to Settings -> display & brightness -> switch Auto-Brightness on. Then your phone adjusts to indoor and outdoor lighting. Next, lower the baseline brightness above the Auto-Brightness switch. Lower it to a level you can stand. But the lower the brightness, the less battery usage.
  • Turn off location services: Unless you’re using it for directions or something real-time, turn off location services for apps. So they aren’t constantly monitoring your phone’s location simultaneously draining your battery life.
  • Turn off push email: Having your phone check for new emails once or twice an hour uses less battery than having it constantly monitor for updates. So decide how often you need to be updated and then change the frequency in your mail settings.

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