Use Google Docs to Monitor Your Website’s Uptime

Monitor your Website’s Uptime with Google Docs

Don’t you like to know when your website will be down ? Just owning a website is not sufficient. Maintaining it is also more important. The initial aspect of maintenance would know how often your website will be down or rather how regularly the server of your website will not allow visitors. There are many analysis software and other related maintenance software for this purpose that intimates you that when your website goes down. On concord they are expensive. You also have a rather inexpensive option of knowing that when your website will go down and this is via the Google Docs. How to monitor your website’s uptime with Google Docs is explained here.

1. Creating the Monitoring Doc:

google doc monitoring

You should have a spare copy of the Google Docs spreadsheet with you. Once if that is in the hand of yours then change the website URL mentioned your website address. You should also change the Email address for notification to you Email ID. Once if this is done, the next step of yours would be to go to notifying section. Go to script editor that runs under the tools and select the resources. Select current script triggers in resources and select “ismysitedown” in the drop down menu. Next select the Minutes driven and Time-driven. After that choose the time you wish to be notified about the downtime. You can set the alarm for every five minutes or so too as it also consists. This is not the end. You would also need to authorize your Google Docs and finally run play the script. Once if it is done, your Google doc is authorized to give you information on downtime. Obviously, you need to press start in the website monitoring bar for starting the monitoring process. Don’t forget that your uptime and downtime will be logged to your system automatically and notifications will be sent to you either via SMS or Email.

2. The Working:

Website Monitor

This consists of a script trigger that helps to send that information via SMS or Email. The associated Google script with the monitoring process gets triggered as per the time set by you. Once if the trigger has occurred, the document fetches the information regarding the uptime and the downtime from your website as the URL of which is mentioned. If the HTTP code is not 200 then your website might be facing a problem that needs to be sorted out. Mostly, your server would be down and you need to check on it at the earliest.

3. SMS Alerts:


Firstly, get your mobile number registered of your Google accounts. This would be beneficial to receive SMS alerts. The response is not sent immediately in the case of Email. On concord, if it is the case of SMS the alerts are sent in 30 seconds of the trigger message.


Maintenance of your website is very tough. So, ensure you keep these alerts on for the better maintenance.

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