How To Identify Plastic Rice

Plastic Rice

China is the largest rice producing country in the world harvesting over 200 million tons every year. But Do you know how this is happening? The Korean Times reports have said that the rice produced from China contains as much plastic as in a plastic bag. The report says that China is adding artificial rice made up of potato starch and plastic. This plastic rice looks equally as the originally cultivated rice.

However, plastic is dangerous for health. And what about the rice made of plastic? Obviously, it is more dangerous.

How do we know if the rice which we use consists plastics? Don’t worry! Here are some tips and tricks to know if plastic rice is mixed up with the rice which we use. You have to get through some tests to clarify if plastic rice is present in the rice you use.

Let’s get into the tests to know the presence of plastic rice.

1. Water test:

Plastic rice Water test

Take 2 or 3 tablespoons of raw rice and add it in a glass of water. Stir it well and leave it untouched for a few minutes. If the rice sinks in the glass of water, then there is no plastic rice mixed up with it. Otherwise, if the rice in the glass of water floats, it’s time for you to change the rice.

2. Fire test:

Fire Test Plastic Rice

Burn a tablespoon of rice. If you find the rice caught fire and smells like a burning plastic, then be alert that the artificial rice is mixed up with the rice.

3. Mortar and pestle test:

Mortar and pestle test Plastic Rice

Crush a few (tablespoon) grains of rice with the help of mortar and pestle. The result of crushing the raw rice should be fine white powder. Instead with the plastic rice, you will find light yellow discoloration.

4. Mold test:

Mold test Plastic Rice

If you are still not sure with the presence of plastic rice, go for the mold test. In this test, you need to cook some quantity of rice. Keep that cooked rice in an air-tight plastic container and leave it in a hot sunny place for a few days. If the rice is not mixed up with plastic rice, then the rice gets spoiled in two or three days. Otherwise, if it is artificial rice, then the rice remains unspoiled.

Then you can make sure to change the rice. So, these are the ways you can identify plastic rice is present in your kitchen. Be careful and maintain good health.

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