Employees Discovered Hack In – Yahoo


Yahoo admitted that some of its employees discovered hack and were aware of the theft of 500 million users’ data as early as 2014. It was years before Yahoo publicly acknowledged the hack.

The hack has attributed to an unnamed “state-sponsored actor.” This has happened to Occur in late 2014. According to this filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, it seems that this was detected early on.

In the filing, it claimed, “In late July 2016, a hacker claimed to have obtained certain users’ data. After investigating this claim, the Company could not substantiate the hacker’s claim. The investigation took place with the assistance of a forensic expert. Following this investigation, the Company intensified an ongoing broader review of the Company’s network and data security. It included a review of prior access to the Company’s network by a state-sponsored actor that the Company had identified in late 2014”.

Yahoo also reported, “23 consumer class action lawsuits have been filed in response to the breach. But it’s too early to estimate monetary damages.” It estimated the hack has led to a loss of $1 million until now.

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