Android Auto

Android Auto

Android Auto is brought up by the Google to get the connection relatively between your smartphone and the vehicle. Basically, you are using your phone to transmit the data onto your car’s touchscreen, thus brings the full power of Android 5.x Lollipop to top most screens you will ever own.

Google I/O 2014 announced that Android Auto corresponds to CarPlay on ios. It is developed slowly but it maintained constant place since then. We got our first look at Google I/O in 2016 at the first major update to Android Auto.

But first, the essence is this: Android Auto works by connecting the Android apps from the phone to the in-car display through USB cable and also by using a wireless mode that is through Wi-Fi. The phone itself does all the heavy lifting. We can handle the calls over Bluetooth and also other apps such as Google Maps, Google Now, Google Play Music, and a host of third party-offerings.Not only the media apps –music and podcast but also the messaging apps can be piped with the touch screen in the car by using Android Auto. Hangouts,Skype,etc .They’re headless, meaning there’s not actually an app to interact with, but you get the important part — the message

Android Auto app is having a large size, consistent design, similar menu structures and round buttons for easy touch points. The apps contained in the mobile are displayed on the car touchscreen, so they don’t get confused and usually they don’t feel more stress work with it.

The big update for 2016 includes the app interface to the phone version of Android Auto, until the time the device is connected to a car. Then it turns into infotainment display. Basically, it is a new Car Mode, developed into Android itself. Android Auto also supports “hot word” commands, which means that you can start searches and bark orders without initially touching a steering wheel button or the display.

Android Auto-compatible cars exist in almost 30 countries from an affluence of manufacturers, every time more manufacturers are being added. Older vehicles can find aftermarket solutions from the likes of Kenwood and Pioneer.

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