Red Weapon 8K Super 35

The Red Weapon 8K Super 35 camera has superior image quality. It has the best image quality which we can take without compromise. It also has the highest resolution in cinematography and TV monitors.

Same as WEAPON 8K S35, EPIC-W combines advanced color science with incredible dynamic range. The result is cinema quality imagery with vivid colors plus detailed shadows and highlights to produce the most realistic images imaginable.

Red Weapon 8k Super 35

8K means the horizontal resolution is about 8000, pixels with a grand total of 7680×4320.

High-res TV monitors like 8K allow the viewer to see each pixel as indistinguishable to the eye from a normal distance from the screen.

By way of example, with an 8K digital TV screen  52″ measured vertically, the greatest effect would be experienced with a distance of 20 inches from the TV, and on a 92″ screen 3′ form the TV.  8K TV’s will have technology enhancing lesser resolution videos with a combination of cropping and down sampling techniques now employed in digital video and NLE editing.

8K also lets videographers shoot in super high res with a wide angle lens or at a telephoto distance when shooting dangerous subjects (EG dangerous wildlife documentary), by simply zooming and cropping digitally in post.

8K television resolution is predicted to be the new standard beginning in 2020 with 4K settling comfortable into the mainstream in 2017.

The Helium 8K S35 sensor is a big leap forward in as image resolution, with twice as many pixels as a 6K sensor and four times that of a 4K sensor. But 8K sensor doesn’t mean you have to publish in 8K because no one is publishing in 8K yet. The 8K sensor allows you to have super high-quality 4K content as well as gives you incredible room to crop and pan your shot in post. The sensor also carries forward the incredible image quality and dynamic range that Red cameras are known for. And  for the first time, gains usable high ISO performance, something Red cameras we never known for. Then there is also Red RAW workflow that people swear by. That gives you a huge amount of freedom in the post and also option to export in modern standards such as HDR due to the wide dynamic range captured by the sensor. All this makes it an attractive option for cinematographers and serious video producers.

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