China keeps annoying to confirm its glass bridge is secure, so it drove a 2-tonne SUV above it

Glass Bridge

Just in case the public wasn’t adequately sure by a journalist smashing the world’s longest and highest glass bridge with a mallet (and ongoing), the owners of the bridge Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in China decided to prove its safety by upping the ante over the weekend.

After that , in its latest  media-directed “safety test” of the 430-meter bridge, suspended a heart-stopping 300 meters on top of a gorge, the owners of  Zhangjiajie national park’s had 20 volunteers swing sledgehammers at the glassGlass Bridge

Making observable cracks in the top layer.

Then, a Volvo XC90 SUV haulage 11 people rolled over the cracked panels, Xinhua reported.

Like many other glass bridges and screening structures across the world, the Zhangjiajie bridge’s glass panels are made of multiple layers, so evident cracks don’t mean the panels will give way.

Glass Bridge

Zhangjiajie’s measurement of three-layered glass panels is 3m by 4.5m, and each layer is 15mm-thick.

The organisers are doing dramatisation all of these safety “showcases” auxiliaries on of Zhangjiajie’s grand possibility slated for July.Glass Bridge

The bridge, designed by Israeli architect Haim Dotan, has been built at a cost of concerning 460 million yuan ($69 million), and the national park’s operators are eager to moderate the public’s fears of the bridge being hazardous.

It hasn’t been too long since an extra glass bridge in China cracked, finally. The Yuntai Mountain Geological Park’s

Glass Bridge

Glass bridge cracked back in Oct. 2015, after a tourist dropped the assault on one of the panels on the walkway. People on it observed the crack and, understandably, started shattering.

While the park’s spokesperson supposed that only one of three layers of glass on the panel broke, it freaked people out adequate that the skywalk has been bunged up of glass bridge.

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