Best Hair Straighteners

Best Hair Straightener

Hair Straighteners are the ones that make the hair look soft, smooth and more than everything else, it’s meant to straighten your hair. The thing is about choosing the best hair straightener. It’s better for any hair to choose a flat iron with about 1-inch wide and should have adjustable heat settings. The iron should be made with ceramic, titanium or tourmaline.

The main thing for the hair straighteners is that they should not break or damage your hair. Likewise, there are some features for selecting the best hair straighteners for you. So we are here to list out the best among a huge collection available on the market today in India.

1. Babyliss Pro Nano Hair Straightener:

Babyliss Pro Nano Hair Straightener

This brand is one of the best hair straighteners that consists of a flat titanium iron. It is rated 4.9/5 by a majority of the users in India. It heats up to 232ºC with LED temperature settings. The temperature settings are the most important feature for a hair straightener since all women might not have the same hair with the same temperature. So the temperature settings will help you set the temperature to straighten your hair according to your hair type.

This hair straightener has a digital ion technology that emits natural ions. This hair straightener having designed with the ultra-smooth titanium plates and ceramic heater, this is rated as one of the best hair straighteners in the Indian market.

The price of Babyliss Pro Nano Hair straightener is Rs.2090.

2. Philips HP 8315 Hair Straightener:

Philips HP 8315 Hair Straightener-min

Philips HP8315 hair straightener is designed with an auto shut-off function. It takes 30 seconds to heat-up and consists of 360° swivel cord, light indicator, dual voltage, ceramic plates and plate locks. This hair straightener has been designed to give the glossiest hair. The hair after its straightening looks beautiful and healthy.

It has a 1.8 m cord that can be used from a distance. It has a power-on indicator that will give you beautiful results every day without any hassle. The XL ceramic plates work excellently well on dull hair and give smooth, shining and cascade hair. It can straighten voluminous hair quickly anytime you like to have a salon-like hair. After an hour of its usage, the hair straightener switches off automatically.

The price of the Philips HP 8315 Hair Straightener is Rs.2395.

3. Braun ES3 Satin Hair Straightener:

Braun ES3 Satin Hair Straightener

Braun is one among the affordable brands that can make the sleekest and stylish hair with this straightener. These hair straighteners are known as the best flat iron for hair as it has a limited heat setting set to 200ºc. Hence, it is costly. This will let you make sure that you don’t expose your hair to higher temperatures and tend your hair to damages. It comes with Nano glide ceramic plates that emit satin ions to maintain satin like soft hair.

The cost of the Braun ES3 Satin Hair Straightener is Rs.6180.

4. Philips HP8309 Hair Straightener:

Philips HP8309 Hair Straightener

The Philips HP8309 hair straightener gives a smooth, shiny, and damage free straight hair. It takes only 30 seconds to heat up itself. There is a light indicator that indicates when the straightener is ready to be used. It has its heating plates coated with ceramic for positive temperature coefficient heating elements. This retains and distributes heat evenly for quick and efficient results. This is a small and compact device that is easy and comfortable to use.

The price of the Philips HP8309 Hair Straightener is Rs.1695.

5. Panasonic EH HW17-P62B Hair Straightener:

Panasonic EH HW17-P62B Hair Straightener


The design of this model of Panasonic hair straightener is sleek and easy to carry around. The hair straightener has the ceramic coated plates which result in a shinier and straighter hair. This device isn’t just meant for straightening your hair but also it can be used to make curls out of your hair. The curls can be obtained by gently twisting. It can also control the temperature of the straightener for up to 200ºC (Centigrade).

The price of Panasonic EH HW17-P62B hair straightener is Rs.1695.

6. Inalsa Trendy hair Straightener:


Inalsa Trendy hair Straightener


This Inalsa trendy hair straightener will give you straight and glossy tresses. This is trendy and has the ceramic technology to deliver optimal results in quick time. It’s stylish, sleek, lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry. The ceramic coated plate distributes heat evenly, retaining heat more efficiently. It eliminates damaging hot spots. This gives shiny and straight hair. This has swivel cord with 2 m length which is good if the switchboard is far away from the mirror or your dressing table.

This styling tool is affordable and costs Rs.1695.

7. Remington S1005 Hair Straightener:

Remington S1005 Hair Straightener

The Remington s1005 hair straightener will give you smooth and straight salon-like hair. This comes with a combination of ceramic, tourmaline and Teflon technologies for best results. The hair iron heats in a duration of 30 seconds. This has a plate lock built that makes it convenient to store the device safely.

This is very compact with long plates, it captures thicker volumes of hair. It has easy to use control button and temperature setting regulator. This makes your hair look healthy and straight and also gives it a safe and comfortable styling.

The price of the Remington S1005 Hair Straightener is Rs.2489.

8. Panasonic Multi-Styling EH-HW18 Hair Straightener:


Panasonic Multi-Styling EH-HW18 Hair Straightener

This is a multi-styling hair straightener that has 5 temperature settings. You can choose your own hairstyle that you think may be perfect for you with this hair straightener. This device can be used as a curler as well. This hair straightener prevents hair color from fading when you have colored your hair. This hair straightener has a very quick heat up time and also it ensures you won’t have to waste much time on waiting to use the appliance. It is light weight and extremely easy to travel with.

The cost of the Panasonic multi-styling EH-HW18 hair straightener is Rs.1395.

This is a list of the best hair straighteners available in India and we have mentioned their price along with the features of the straighteners. Some of them can not only straighten your hair but also can be used as curlers. You can style your hair according to the occasion with these hair straighteners.

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