Stay Healthy in this Summer

Healthy in this Summer

Many people start feeling too warm on the whole body as summer begun. When the weather changes suddenly, at the beginning of summer there are many chances to get sick.

As we are taking precautions to keep the body warm in winter as well as we have to keep the body cooler in summer. Here are some tips to keep the body cool in this scorching summer.


Use SunScreen in Summer

When you go out in the summer use sunscreen regularly. Otherwise, the skin will get affected by the Sun’s ultraviolet rays, sometimes it increases the risk of skin cancer.


Drink More Waterin Summer

In summer, drink at least 3 liters of water daily. Because of heat, the water content in the body will decrease more rapidly.


Eat more fruits in Summer

Daily eat vegetable or fruit salad at least once a day. This prevents the dehydration in the body.


Avoid Spicy Foods in Summer

In the summer, do not always eat spicy foods. This will increase the body’s heat, which can cause digestive problems.


Dont Avoid Breakfast

We need to eat breakfast regularly during the summer. A healthy breakfast provides energy to the whole day and prevents ambiguity.


Dont Consume Alcohol

In summer, reduce consuming alcohol. Because alcohol increases the body’s temperature.


Drink Lemon Juice Regularly

Whenever you go out of your home, carry lemon juice or ORS with you as it prevents dehydration.

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