Even small eyes look beautiful and impressive when they have curved like rainbow and dense Eyebrows. Some will have big eyes but thin and less eyebrows, their face will look like missing something. Lot of people will keep on feel bad and think if eyebrows are little thicker it will be good. Eyebrows will add some extra beauty for your face always. Here are some tips to grow your eyebrows faster.

Simple Serum for Eyebrow Growth

Ingredients for this serum are very simple. Coconut oil, castor oil, and vitamin E is more than enough. To apply those oils if have mascara brush it will be good and if you don’t have you any other simple soft brush.

There are difference between Head Hair growth and Eyebrow hair growth. But if you have dandruff this affect in Eyebrow growth also. Coconut oil and castor oil will give excellent growth in your eyebrows.




Coconut Oil – 1 tbsp

Castor Oil – 1tbsp

Vitamin E – ½ tbsp

Mascara Brush – 1

Mix all the above mentioned oils and keep in a small bowl or bottle. Then dip mascara brush and apply it on your eyebrows.

Apply it daily night before sleep. You can apply this oil even to your eyelashes. Eyebrows will grow as how you applied with your brush and look thicker. Within a month of time your eyebrows will look sharper and beautiful.