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audio editors

You may wish to edit a song to make it as your ringtone or you may want to create a fusion of all your favorite songs. To get all these, you need an audio editing app which will help you achieve these. There are a huge number of audio editors that will allow you to do different kinds of editing such as fix the echo in your audio. Each of them has their own capabilities with which this editing is made easy. One can’t do everything they want with a single audio editing software tool.

There are audio editors that cost accordingly and some are free too. Now, we are listing the free editing apps which will result in the best possible and with professional outputs.

1. Audacity:


Audacity is the best ever audio editor that can support all the desktop platforms. This is one of the powerful tools that may put some paid-for product for shame. One goo thing about this audio editor is that even beginners can do with this tool or app easily. This audio editor has some built-in tools that will allow you to edit pre-recorded files, capture sounds through attached microphones, and even to stream music and podcast.

Surprisingly, this audio editor is capable of supporting a wide range of audio formats. The features of Audacity includes multi-track editing and live recording. The user interface is so simple to get the best out of this tool. It supports some of the audio formats that include WAV and MP3. But, additionally, you will have to download an encoder. It also features reduction of noise or unwanted voice from the selected audio file. It also includes some additional sound effect which can be used accordingly. It is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Audacity would be a better choice if you want fine control of your tracks.

2. WavePad:


The best thing about this audio editor is that it can be used in Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS supporting systems. There are a number of filters and audio editing options available in this audio editor. They are trimming, high pass filter, normalization, and merging files. It also includes some extra features like voice-activated recording, auto-trim editing functions and much more.

WavePad offers its support to almost all the audio formats such as Mp3, WAV, VOX, GSM, OGG, and so on. Its functions include auto-trim, copy, paste, silence. It also has some additional sound effects to that will help in altering the audio file as we like.

3. Wavosaur:


Wavosaur is one of the other audio editors that is available for free and supports Windows OS (XP, 7, and Vista). This audio editor is quite different from the remaining audio editors because of its portability. So, you can save it to a USB stick which makes is ready for use on any PC without installation.

Despite its tiny size, Wavosaur is designed with MP3 editing. Although it supports other key formats too. It also boasts features like pitch shifting and vocal removal. These are ideal for making DIY karaoke tracks. The basic program cannot be updated in less time. This may be a demerit for this editor other than which it’s an absolute masterpiece of a music editor.

4. LMMS:


Linux MultiMedia Studio, which is now known as LMMS is a completely free audio editor. It has a huge number of features that make this editor quite impressive. They are the FX Mixer, Automation Editor, support for MIDI Keyboard, some in-built audio effects and instruments. It is compatible with some popular standards in Digital Music Production and editing. The UI of LMMS is highly professional. The availability of plug-ins can take the productivity to a new extent too. LMMS is a solution you can depend upon for easier editing and fusion of music.

5. Free Audio Editor:

Free Audio Editor

This audio editor will help you record and master your own songs and podcasts. This can be used to record audio via line-in, to work with existing music files, or to rip CDs. One thing that makes Free Audio Editor best is the way the designing the interface. A effects sidebar makes it easy to get to the tools you need. You can even bookmark those you use most to make your work still easier.

There are many ready-made filters such as breath reduction and background noise reduction. This allows you to perform many audio cleanup tasks in just a few clicks.

6. Free MP3 Cutter and Editor:

MP3 Cutter and Editor

Free MP3 Cutter and Editor is a simple audio editor designed with a very specific type of music editing in mind. If you’re looking for a quick and dirty editor for trimming the fat from your MP3s, this is perfect. You can cut out unwanted sections, add a fade-in or fade-out, adjust the volume, and convert between stereo and mono with the MP3 cutter.

Although it’s limited, this free audio editor is extremely good at what it does. For instance, you have saved a live recording as one large MP3. Later, if you want to divide it up into a number of individual tracks, this will do good. It’s not the sort of task you would need a professional music editor for, and Free MP3 Cutter and Editor fits nicely.

7. MP3 Direct Cut:

MP3 Direct Cut

MP3 Direct Cut can do more than just slicing up MP3s. You can record directly into the program or work with existing audio files. It also has an option for track splitting. These are compact audio editors that also contains tools for normalizing audio, increasing volume, and fading. Automatic pause detection will help in deciding where to split a track. There is also support for cue files in this editor to automate file processing.

MP3 Direct Cut also features a batching processing option. This option will help you quickly apply the same settings and effects to entire folders full of files. This is used for normalizing a series of tracks or increasing the volume of a set that was recorded at the simultaneously.

8. Acoustica Basic Edition:


Acoustica Basic Edition is a superb music editor. It is particularly good at cleaning up old music recordings from vinyl or cassettes by eliminating unwanted noise. Opting for the free version means missing out on options such as a multi-track editor and support for 7.1 surround sound. It results in being very professional. The Effect Chain where you can build up and play with a layered series of filters is a highlight in this editor.

There’s support for DirectX and VST plug-ins which can easily expand the program. Acoustica Basic Edition is an excellent starting point when you want to go beyond the basics.

This shows the top best audio editors that may help you edit your favorite song or fusion a list of songs for a dance performance. You van edit the existing song and rather make your own one with the help of this list of audio editors. Each of them have a unique capability with which we can get our own output as we wish.

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