Top 5 Apple’s WWDC 2016 Recap

Apple's WWDC 2016 Keynote Recap
Apple’s WWDC 2016 Keynote Recap

Welcome to this quick recap of Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote. This is the first time I’m going to go to one. There’s a pretty quiet one this year there were no new hardware announcements but still some interesting stuff. So these are five things that were announced.

Apple watchOS

Top 5 Apple WWDC 2016 Recap - Apple Watch OS

I know how many of you still use an apple watch but it seems like Apple is dedicated to continuing to improve its usability. Your most frequent apps in a dock that you get from the side button and you also get to swipe it from the bottom like on an iPhone for the control centre. You also scribble in handwriting to reply to messages if you have no other way to dictate your reply. You also get things like a Mini Mouse watch face an app that reminds you to breathe when really most excited for is for it to be fast.
This is literally the demo that they had of opening apps in watch OS 2 Vs watch OS 3 and if it’s anything like this in real life then this will be the biggest improvement to the Apple Watch in a while.

Apple tvOS

Top 5 Apple WWDC 2016 Recap - Apple tvOS

Nothing terribly exciting here but mostly just extending the iOS experience to the living room with more and better apps for the Apple TV. There’s apparently something like 6000 native apps for Apple TV. Now, which is a plus and they’re also going to have a dedicated iPhone Sera mode app which will function the exact same way as the actual remote did so you can control your Apple TV from an iPhone.

Apple macOS

Top 5 Apple WWDC 2016 Recap - macOS Sierra

Couple bigger changes here. Number one obviously being the name. It’s no longer OS 10. It’s just macOS Sierra and its main focus were a bunch of continuity features actually and we saw these in the beginnings of the last version of the OS.

Top 5 Apple WWDC 2016 - macOS Auto Unlock

It was looking really useful so the first of which was called Auto unlock which is the ability to unlock your password protected mac with a trusted device like your Apple Watch. So if you go to unlock your mac and you’re wearing your Apple Watch it won’t ask you for your password because it knows it’s you and it won’t prompt you it’ll just log you right in.

Top 5 Apple WWDC 2016 Recap - MacOS Clipboard

There’re other things like keeping all the files that you have on one mac sync across all your computers including your iPhone and your iPad so you can have access to any of your files from anywhere but my favorite was actually something called universal clipboard which will allow you to copy and paste things across any device that has continuity. So you can copy something on your mac and paste it on your iPhone or copy something on one computer and paste it on your iPad super useful.

WWDC - Apple Pay

There also be an update to Apple Pay that will allow you to pay for things with your mac not like this but by actually using your i Phone to authenticate the purchase. So it’s just kind of like a new purchase method it’s like a Pay Pal account or an Amazon account. It’s a new way to pay for things online just by having your iPhone right there next to you. So that’s some pretty cool stuff with macOS Sierra.

Apple WWDC - Multiple Tabs

Then tabs unlimited tabs that actually built tabs into the OS so any app not just finder and Safari. But any app can have unlimited tabs.


We’ve got a couple new features in i OS as well we got our first look at iOS 10 and some of these are going to sound pretty familiar. Of all, you can get rid of stock apps that you never use in the new iOS. So news, tips, weather whatever it is if you don’t use it you don’t need a folder just for Apple crap anymore.

Top 5 Apple WWDC 2016 - iOS

You can actually get rid of them in iOS 10 this is never even actually said on stage but I just figured you might like to know that is also raised to wait which does exactly what it sounds like it will light up your whole screen and show you all your notifications just whenever you lift up your phone and look at it and the notifications themselves on the lock screen are actually greatly improved. So, first of all, you do get a clear all new. If occasions button on your lock screen nice and you can also now 3D touch a notification to expand on your lock screen and show more info and they call these widgets. This looks pretty cool for certain apps that are early showing you a lot of information in the notifications and you can also now 3D. touch certain app icons on your home screen to again get you guessed it widgets not just shortcuts I don’t know about you but a kind of stopped using 3D touch on my iPhone as much as it was touted as a key feature my iPhone 6S. I just stopped using it but I guess with iOS 10 and these new notification features and home screen widgets will be given another shot. There are some other features like an Apple news, Apple music completely redesigned and a new app called home as a hub for all your home kit enabled devices and then, of course, the Emojis the modification of messaging. If you will when you switch to the emerging keyboard Apple is literally going to give you suggestions for replacing words in your sentence with the Emojis. They’ll be three times bigger.


Siri on mac

She is first of all now on the mac. So she’s got her own little icon she’s right in the dock. And serious also now open up to developers so you can use Siri. To send messages in WhatsApp or slack or just have Siri talk to other third party apps. I was actually part of a larger thread for the event is them opening up a couple other things like Apple Maps and other technologies to developers to plug into third-party apps which are good. I like that the job app and all the time they spent on Siri actually really highlighted a bigger overall trend in tech which is the improvement of the machine. Learning the focus on machine learning and it’s like it’s a big dynamic topic but an example of this was the New Photos app in iOS 10 will use machine learning to identify. Subjects’ in your iPhone’s photos and then the gallery app will allow you to search those photos for things that it’s identified like people or mountains or animals that’s something that Google is just showing us a Google IO and that’s what the Google Photos app has been doing even on iPhones. Google photos it knows what I take pictures of it knows that people and knows the names in those places and then it turns out around with machine learning to make that useful to me but that’s machine learning. New Apple Maps giving you suggestions for places to go based on where you’ve been often or where you’ve travelled before. So that’s also something new has been doing in Google Maps for a while so all this stuff is been brought to a focus. I like that they’re both using all the information that they get from their users to make it useful for us. But just an overall highlight of a bigger trend and so this whole event of Apple basically playing catch up in software kind of. How it’s the fact that they are a hardware company first and not just makes their future events for stuff like the MacBook Pro or the new mac books or the new iPhone seven later this year that much more exciting to wait for it away. That’s pretty much it. Thanks for reading the recap of Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote.

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