Apple Watch 2 Nike+ Review

Apple Watch Nike+

Apple has launched a special edition “Watch 2 Nike+” smartwatch along with its watch Series 2. Apple has teamed up with the sports giant to introduce its smartwatch focused more on running, tweaking the strap and software. This makes it easier for runners to strap it on and put the built-in GPS to the test.

It’s got a brightly colored perforated neon band. It matches perfectly by a custom face that tries to motivate wearers. Probably, the companies will be the first to admit its idea not to satisfy everyone. Maybe only to a few. Instead, the product is targeted at two key demographics – regular runners and aspirational ones. It is reasonably for a large group of people, all together.

What’s perhaps most interesting about Apple Watch Nike+ is that it’s just a regular, old Apple Watch. Those bright, perforated bands are removable by pressing a button on the back of the watch and sliding them out, sideways. And if you buy the standard version of the Watch, you can always download and install the Nike app. Though you’ll be missing the company’s custom faces with integrated Nike swoosh and some shortcuts.

Watch 2 Nike+

Really, motivation is at the heart of the Nike model, from activity reminders right down to the band design is a bit like tying a string around your finger among other things. Or, for that matter, wearing a FitBit. When you look down, there is a constant reminder that you really ought to be working out more.

The watch comes with two strap sizes – the smaller actually fit better, which says a bit about the larger with 5’11″. The band is designed to offer a snug and secure fit, threading one end through a hole in the other end and pushing the knob through a center hole. It’s comfortable, soft and naturally, sweatproof.

Another appeal is the Nike Volt digital time face. Next to the big, bold time readout appear “complications” which are small, customizable widgets. Complications provide quick-glance stats or information like battery life and weather or a launch point for the Nike+ Run Club.

The Run part of the Run Club app provides distance, duration, and speed. The watch will read out loud to you via “voiceover” at some particular intervals while you’re exercising. The voiceover will not be quite unless you adjust the volume. The speaker in the Watch is tiny but loud. It automatically pauses when you stop moving. It also restarts when you begin moving again. And, like any Apple Watch app, it can be started and stopped with Siri via voice commands.

Apple Watch Nike+

The Club part of the Run Club app is a social network for runners. For instance, you can share run results and offer each other encouragement.

The new on Watch 2 Nike+ includes a built-in GPS. This allows you to untether the watch from your iPhone when exercising. That’s not possible on the first-gen Apple Watch, which needs the iPhone’s GPS.

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