Samsung S9 98 inch 8K TV

Samsung S9

If you are a big fan of the electronic devices and you want to buy the leading technology devices then surely you need the Samsung S9 in your home.
Everyone knows about the 4k televisions before, then what about 8k? Yes, Samsung made an 8k television. The display of it is in a curved shape and the image quality on the S9 is unreal. Thanks 33 million- because it used 33 million,pixels. so every inch of the UN98S9 is extremely crisp and clear.
The Samsung S9 also contains other picture quality technology. Samsung included the best and proven innovations in this 98 inch TV. It provides better color quality due to the features like quantum dots and high dynamic range. Even in the images, it provides a good contrast.
Samsung S9 has slightly curved display. The idea behind curved televisions is that they provide a more immersive experience for the viewers. Also,they create clearer images along the edges of the display. yet, it is important that you sit in the right position to get the best viewing experience. It means that if you go past 35 degrees off-center, the picture will look distorted.
98 inches, 8K Display
Today the highest resolution available on TVs is 8k. While 8k resolution TVs are publicized they have 800 pixels wide, but actually, they are 7,680 pixels in width and 4,320 pixels in height. Therefore this TV has 16 times as many as a 1080p TV.
The refresh rate of a TV describes the frequency at which the images on the screen are updated, measured in hertz (frames per second). The Samsung UN98S9 has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which is equal to the average refresh rate of an 8K television. Refresh rates can be important when you wish to watch a lot of fast-moving actions, such as action movies or live sports.

How far away you should sit?
You should maintain 13′ 1″ distance for viewing the 98 inch Samsung UN98S9. This helps you to choose the correctly sized TV that fits in the space you have or it gives you an idea how you should set your living room.
While an optimal viewing distance provides for you, is smallest and greatest viewing distances.  They are given to show that there isn’t one perfect distance away from your TV from which you need to watch.
The minimum viewing distance of 9′ 10″ is estimated by THX, a high-fidelity visual reproduction standard company. The maximum viewing distance of 20′ 5″ is cited by many television manufacturers and retailers.
Features & Connectivity

Features : 

Built-in Wi-Fi

Multiple Languages
Stand Included
Sleep Timer

Video Connectivity  

RF Port

Network Connectivity    

Ethernet / LAN

Audio Connectivity  


Physical Specs:
Take the weight of a TV into consideration if:
1.    You plan to mount it on a wall
2.    You may have trouble moving it and setting it up

This is the review about the Samsung S9 98 inch 8k tv. Read it fully and know the clear information about it.

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