Play a Car Race in Excel 2000

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You just have to shut off your brain sometimes silly to recharge for a  few minutes. There’s a racing game hidden inside Excel 2000 that you can access quickly. You can open it up and run a few laps. When the boss gets back and asks what you are up to then respond, “Working on an Excel table!” Keep reading for detailed instructions on playing this game.



Open Excel 2000:

  • You must be using Excel 2000 for Windows NT4/9x/ME/2000/XP. You can’t have a version of Excel 2000 that’s been updated with a Service Pack.
  • Launch a new Excel workbook.
  • Tap File and select Save as Web Page.
  • Check the Add Interactivity box.
  • Save the file on your hard drive with a .htm extension.

open excel

2. Open the .htm file

Open the .htm file with Internet Explorer. Choose Internet Explorer by right clicking the file.

  • If Internet Explorer asks for permission to run ActiveX then agree.

internet explorer

  • Tab to the WC column when the table opens then scrolls down to row 2000.

WC column

  • Clicking the row number 2000 at left, highlight the whole row.
  • Tap on the Office logo in the upper-left corner by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift.



3. Start your engines

Your screen transfers into an auto racing game with developer credits visible on the roadway. Here are the game controls:

  • Space bar: fire at other cars
  • Arrow keys: steer and accelerate
  • Esc: exit game
  • H: toggle headlights
  • O: drop oil slicks

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