iPhone Trick To Clear Email Inbox

iPhone-trick to delete all messages

Are you facing problem to delete the emails in your Gmail inbox? You might have to delete the emails one by one after reading them. This is not at all considered if the inbox is filled with a few emails. But the thing is if there are thousands of unread emails in your inbox, you should read them or else mark then as “read emails” and then delete them one by one. An iPhone trick has made this deleting an easy process. There is no need to read each and every email in the inbox.

There’s a genius trick found for the iPhone users for deleting the entire inbox. There are a few steps to go through for getting this done.

Step 1: Go to “Settings”.

iPhone Settings

Step 2: Click on “Mail” in the settings.

iPhone Mail Settings

Step 3: Tap on “Accounts”, followed by “Gmail”.


iPhone Gmail settings

Step 4: Again click on your “Account” (*******@gmail.com)

Select Gmail Account

Step 5: Now tap on “Advanced” in the slide visible on your iPhone.

Advanced Gmail Settings in iPhone

Step 6: Mark a tick (✓) on the “Deleted Mailbox” by just clicking on it.

Delete Mailbox in Gmail

Now, you can go to your Mail and left-swipe will delete the emails in your inbox. This seems like a game but not more than 5 to 10 minutes you can swipe. Left-swipe of your emails in the inbox will directly move the email to trash and not archive those emails.

Sometimes, it may happen that you may, unfortunately, swipe an important email. Don’t worry! There’s a trick for this too. Simply shake your iPhone to undo. You will find an option showing undo trash. Clicking on undo will bring back the deleted emails. You can shake the iPhone a number of times and click on undo until you get back your required deleted email.

This trick will help you delete hundreds of emails in your inbox. You can surely find a huge difference in deleting your inbox emails through this iPhone trick. And of course, this iPhone trick seems quite easy for anyone. This will be more useful for the ones having their inbox with thousands of emails.

This way you can delete your entire inbox with a super-speed. Remember that this iPhone trick will directly move your emails in the inbox to trash. And obviously, emails in the trash will be deleted automatically after a few days.

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