Lull mattress

Lull mattress

While looking for a comfortable mattress for the best pressure relief, core support, and body comfort, the lull mattress is one of the top-rated names in the market. The three-layer foam looks promising in giving great bouncy support with cooling effects. The mattress has great construction, and contouring support. One of the most important things the average middle-class buyer thinks of is the price. And here also the Lull mattress fits perfectly. It’s within a budget-friendly price range with so many features. And that makes it one of the most sought-after mattresses. Yet, before you proceed with buying, you must look thoroughly over the internet for real customer generated Lull mattress review which will give you a real idea of what to expect from the product.

The right mattress for all sleeping positions

An ideally designed mattress for sleeping in various positions, the Lull mattress is designed to offer great support to the backbone. It is soft and yet firm in such a way that provides great lumbar support for back sleepers. Also,inside sleeping position and front sleeping position it offers excellent comfort and ismadeto suit all.

Gel-infused mattress that does not retain body heat and keeps cool

Coolgel-infused mattresses are high in demand to keep your body cool even in the hottest months of the year, and also helps you sleep better by reducing warmth due to the friction of body with mattress. The Lull mattress features this technology. It has a top layer of memory foam infused with cool gel, and the gel infusion is of 1.5 inches. As a result, the heat from the body is directed away from the body, and the viscoelastic layer supports the body joints and pressure points. The mattress does not retain body heat.

Very reasonably priced

The Lull mattress is priced reasonably by following some simple techniques. While the manufacturers did not make any compromise in quality, they did not also give much into designing the exterior cover or packing material. It’s simply packed safely without any flowery décor or design to keep the overall cost within reach. Also, to keep the cost within the budget of the average customer, the mattress is directly sold by the manufacturer at a factory price. It gets shipped directly to the consumer without going through the hands of any dealer or middleman.

The right feel

The lull mattress is designed to give you the right feel. Neither too soft, and not too hard, Lull mattress is made in a way that, you don’t develop body pain and joint aches for the softness, and also you get sound sleep without much hardness. It’s just the right composition to give you that exact feel.


The medium firm mattress in the reasonable price range is a great combination of three-layered foam construction and top gel infused memory foam layer. The right built to carry on year after year it’s a good investment for lifetime use.

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