Samsung Gear S2


Samsung Gear S2 is the latest smartwatch designed from Samsung. Featuring the Gear S branding, the Samsung Gear S2 comes with a 1.2 inch display with an innovative rotating bezel on the top of itself and an always-on display.

Samsung Gear S2 went with Tizen to introduce the Gear S2. It comes with a dual-core Exynos processor. Besides all this, it is one of the best-looking smartwatches. You can check out more smartwatch guides at  However, given that it does not run on Android Wear. The regular Android Wear Tips and Tricks will not apply to the Gear S2.

Because of this reason and since many of us are not aware of operating it, here are given some of the most useful tips and tricks to know well about the Samsung Gear S2.

1. Double Press Shortcut :


An amazing thing is that you can get started with the Gear S2 bezel without looking at the screen. You can set it up straight to go to recent apps, maps, messages, schedule or third party apps. It can also set it music player with a double press the side buttons.

Thinking of how to get it done! Simple. Go to Setting, click on Accessibility and tap on “Add shortcut” in that. Now you can easily go to any app with just double press.

2. Set Up Passcode :

This will be helpful in a case where you are not wearing the smartwatch. To set a PIN to your device, Go to Settings, select Screen lock and then click on “PIN“. Now type the password that you want and the passcode is set up. This secures your lock screen and prevents unauthorised access to the device.

3. Control Heart Rate Monitor :


The Samsung watch will continuously take your heart rate. It depends on you that how many times the watch must display the heart rate. You can control the battery charge by reducing the number of times it reads the pulse rate.

4. Auto-Dim The Device :

There is an unpopular feature that some of the users aren’t familiar with. It is Auto-Dimming i.e., adaptive brightness. When you move indoor and outdoor, you need to adjust the brightness of the device depending on the environment. But this feature allows not to switch to the device to adjust the brightness always.

5. Power Save Mode :


Power Save Mode is the best feature to save the battery charge. Moreover, there won’t be a huge battery in a smartwatch and mostly they will be low in power. To turn on the power saving mode, hold-on the home button at the lower right edge of the Gear S2. Then, swipe down which enables these three options – Simple, Power Off and Power Saving. Select Power Saving and your Gear S2 will switch to a grayscale. This helps your device to save the battery charge.

6. Flight Mode :

If you have been keeping up to date with your Gear S2’s software, then you will notice that you can now switch the watch to flight mode. This helps you when you are in a conference or in a meeting. The flight mode blocks all the calls, messages and notifications being sent to you.

7. Swap out the strap :


You can now swap out the strap of the Gear S2. There is now a stainless steel band adapter to attach standard 20 mm watch straps.

8. Maps Navigator App :


The Gear S2 come with a Maps Navigator app that navigates the device offline with high quality. This app helps not only to get navigation instructions but also get turn-by-turn navigation. You can ask for directions using S Voice – which is so-so for accuracy – and view each step on screen.

9. Turn Off Wake-Up Gesture :


This is an amazing feature that depends on the gyroscope. Every time when you raise your hand to see the time, the Gear S2 will automatically turn on the display. This becomes a disadvantage while jogging when your device detects movements and keeps on turning on the display unnecessarily. To avoid this, you can turn off the wake-up gesture so that the device won’t auto-display.

10. Turn On Find My Gear :


It is obvious that no one wants to lose the Gear S2 because of its amazing features. Samsung provides you with some very useful security features also. The Gear S2 comes with Wi-Fi support and it will continue to work online even if it is out of range of your paired smartphone. You can use “Find My Gear” to sound an alarm in case you cannot find it. This happens quite often with some users and may this be very helpful.

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