Lock Pictures on iPhone Using the Notes App

Lock Pictures on iPhone Using the Notes App


You can hide your photos on an iPhone in the notes app. You can hide the pictures from Years, Collections, and Moments. Generally we hide photos in Photos app, but it can’t hide photos from All Photos, which means you aren’t really hiding the photo. Anyone who looks through your photos will still be able to find the supposedly hidden photo private picture folder on your iPhone. On concord, there’s a way to truly hide photos on iPhone from prying eyes using the Notes app to make a private picture folder on your iPhone. You can also use an app to hide pictures in a secret photo album on iPhone for even more security. But this note app lock is an in-built feature of iPhone. Here’s the procedure how to hide your photos:

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  • Firstly search for the Notes app. Open it and create a new folder located in the bottom-left corner of the screen.


  • Create a New Folder which is at the bottom towards right.


  • It asks you where to add this folder? and displays two options iCloud or On My iPhone. You can select any one option. For instance, I choose On My iPhone.


  • Then enter the name for the folder


  • I give the name Rabiya Sayed as my folder name and save it.


  • That is created and displayed on the folders list.


  • Open the folder which you have recently created Rabiya Sayed.


  • Select the writing message option on the bottom right corner and click on the Plus option. You will find few symbols over there. Choose camera symbol.


  • Then it displays two options, Take Photo or Video and Photo Library.
  • Select Photo Library to hide the old photos which you have already took.


  • Then it display all Moments, All Photos, Videos, Selfies, Live Photos, Screenshots, and WhatsApp. Go to All Photos, you will find all your pictures.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-08 at 13.02.12

  • Select any one and then click Choose option which is located at the bottom right side.


  • The Photo will be appeared on the note screen. Select Done option on the top right.


  • Select the Forward icon. So there you will find many symbols.


  • On the second row third symbol is Lock Note. Tap on it.



  • It will ask touch ID for Notes or else you can type your password.


  • Then tap on Done.


  • You should tap on the lock option which appears on the top right. So that the note will be permanently locked.


  • If you didn’t turn on the “Use Touch ID” option. It asks you to enter password.


  • Enter the password and tap ok.


  • Then it will display and message locked note. Tap ok.


  • Now the note will be locked.


Here is a Video that explains a step by step procedure to Lock your picture in Notes app.

  • If you wanna delete that note just go back to the Folders list.


  • Then tap on Edit, select the folder.


  • The item will be selected. You will find Delete option below right side in the bottom.


  • Here appears a confirmation message delete folder? And two options will also be displayed. One is Delete Folder and Notes and the other is Delete Folder Only.


  • I select Delete Folder and Notes.


  • The folder will be saved in Recently Deleted folder.


  • If you open that note, it shows that it is locked.



  • It will be deleted after 30 days from the Recently Deleted folder or you can delete from that folder too.


  • There is no note displayed in Recently Deleted folder.


  • You can see that there is no Rabiya Sayed folder appearing. Hence this is the process to create and delete the note.

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