Top Mobile Security Tips

We tend to store many important data on our smartphone. In any case, if it’s lost, your complete data can be misused by criminals. Therefore, it’s very important to safeguard your phone both internally and externally. This article discusses mobile security tips that can help you keep your phone data safer.

Mobile Security Tips
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  1. Use a screen lock

    One of the best yet easiest ways to secure your smartphone is to use inbuilt features of the smartphone. One of such features is the pattern lock feature. All smartphones accompany with the pattern lock feature where you can create a personalized pattern on your screen to unlock your phone screen. You can use a unique pin code instead of pattern lock or combine both features for the exhaustive security of your smartphone.

    Note: – Security experts advise to create stronger passwords for extensive security on mobile devices

  1. Use a SIM card lock

    Even if your phone screen is locked, it will not keep away thieves from attempting to remove your sim card. However, to prevent this, you can lock your SIM card with the help of passcode or PIN. every time, your phone is switched on, it will ask for the unique PIN. Therefore, in case your SIM card is stolen, it cannot be misused without the PIN.

  1. Protect Sensitive Data

    Even though you are able to protect your phone and SIM card with the above-mentioned locks, you need to safeguard your storage device as well, which is accompanied by the smartphone. Otherwise, anyone can easily retrieve information from your smartphone with the help of a USB cable or by simply removing the SD card. Therefore, it’s very important to shield sensitive information stored on the storage device. For this, many software are easily available that can protect files or folders by encrypting them using different algorithms. You can see much software online that can be trusted and are free of cost. Download one of them from your trusted Appstore to ensure that it is secure to install.

  1. Wireless and Bluetooth Protection

    Data transferred through an unprotected wireless network are easy targets for hackers. Moreover, hackers can easily attack or intrude a smartphone through WiFi. therefore, it’s always recommended to switch off WiFi as soon as you are done with it.

    Plus, always check your phone settings and modify it as per security point of view to secure your smartphone. In this way, no one will be able to connect to your mobile device without your consent.

    Also, switch off your Bluetooth if not used to stop intrusion from the medium.

  2. Internet browsing

    Beware while using browsers on smartphones. Security experts advise using only trusted browsers to ensure safe browsing. Also, irrespective of how secure browser can be, you should keep an eye on permissions you have granted to mobile browsers. Additionally, try not to give away or store details like financial records on the browser as it is not safe.

Download Security Program

There are many cyber attacks that primarily target Android users. Therefore, it’s mandatory to install and use a malware protection software on your Android smartphone.

Systweak Anti-Malware for Android is a powerful Android application that helps you identify and delete malware completely from your Android smartphone. The software also defends your smartphone in real-time from various malware attacks. Hence, your phone is completely protected from the time it’s installed on your device.

Systweak Anti-Malware for Android is specially designed to scan and detect harmful files. Moreover, Systweak Anti-Malware for Android also keeps eye on applications installed on your device. Thus, the tool offers complete security for smartphones.

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