Three technologies help working mom


Every women should manage their family and household responsibilities in their common life. Technology will make their home life and work life little bit easier, and organizes their daily works simple. Mainly 3 technologies help working mom, use of mobile phones, social networking and online marketplace that helps them to work more in less time. But women should decide which kind of technology is best suited for their works and then divide their work and home schedules, contacts and notes.

Using your smart phone as a working mom3-main-technologies-for-working-women

  1. Buy a smart phone, only it keeps you organized and manage your home schedules. All good technologies available only in smart phone.


2. Make everyone in your family, husband and children on a family plan. This means single household bill and also know what your children are doing with their mobile phones.

3-main-technologies-for-working-womenin your phone. Several apps like to know the different recipes make in less time and grocery list apps. These apps make your work easier in less time.

  1. 3-main-technologies-for-working-women

How social networks help to working mom?

  1. 3-main-technologies-for-working-womenFacebook account, make your children and your colleagues as your friends. Then you will get any small information easily. If you are planning any event in your home, you can invite your friends by creating that event on Facebook.




  1.  Upload your resume in social network for searching better job according to your knowledge


  1. You can learn any thing in social communities like potty training and also join in working mom communities in online. If you feel free with browsing social networks go through most popular social networking sites like caboose, cafeMom and ivillage.

How to use online technology as a working mom?


1.Scheduling your payment bills by using online technology is easy when compared to normal way. Make your statements by mailing not with paper statements, it saves your valuable time when you get work from home.

Follow the online banking, by this you can check your balance, pay your bills, transfer money to anyone, cancel your transactions with in few minutes. So no need to wait in line at your local branch.


2. Online shopping is very efficient for job holders it makes your work easy to purchase clothes, gift articles, electronic goods etc


  1. With internet in your hand no need to go outside for any coaching. You learn in any website for further studies. Also about Yoga, cooking etc. not only one thing, everything is available in online.
  2. If you’re unable to work by going to office. You can work from home in online when your employer allows to work and access the work you need.

This is all about how technology helps working mom.

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