Google Chrome Updates For Android

Google is as fast as any other company to satisfy their users. The tech giant is used to respond to their user’s feedback and complain and try to solve them at the earliest. Well, now exists a very popular browser, Google Chrome, a new version of Google that is already installed in all the available Android Phones. The Google Chrome updates a Chrome 52 version which is set to be fixed only for Tablets and Smartphone users, being the desktop optimization, a process that differs completely.



The previous version of Chrome 52 is Chrome 51, had some modifications even though it had some disappointing features to a few users since the firm decided to restrict the usage of merged tabs and with the new updated version, this feature was not supported by Google anymore but it had a drawback about its battery life. Smartphones are prone to drain their battery charge while surfing the net which is a well-known hate/love aspect of Android. In some cases like when we watch videos, the battery drops down very quickly, so Google helps out on this. The updated Chrome 52 brings a low battery draining capacity to play a video.
The company notes the period of playing a video footage on their official Chrome browser blog. So the company noted that they had something to do about pauses in playing a video. About this update, the team said that now the videos will be made to play within no time, after they are clicked to start, instead of a brief pause before loading and hence the battery will last for a long time.


Technically, the Android app is said to be improving day-by-day in terms of the playback speed to play the video very smoothly on any Android phone and even the power usage. However, remember that Google is not an expert in making a fast Wi-Fi connection or data connection, still, before playing the video, it could have a pause depending on your internet connection. So the Google Chrome updates help the users to connect with the internet very quickly.

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