Chrome Tabs On Top Other Apps

Chrome Tabs

Do you want to keep your chrome tabs on the top your windows? Or you want to keep your inbox in full view always? With an easy Chrome extension, attaining this won’t be easier.

Not only just chrome, you can put more tabs on top of all of your windows by using Chrome extension picture in viewer picture. To work out this procedure, after installing the extension, go to chrome: //flags/ in your browser. Search for Enable panels, and then restart chrome for it to get an effect.

Chrome Tabs

Move the tab where you want to keep on top of all your windows, and select Picture in picture viewer button then it will be now in your browser. Then it will open up that window in a small tab which will stay top to your other windows.

If you want to come out of the way you only need to do is just minimize the window. It seems to be left from there but it is on the bottom of your screen just you can mouse on the bottom screen then a bar will be occurred where you can maximize it.

Is the Picture in Picture is great in fully useful outside of Chrome- meaning you can minimize and maximize windows still if you are not on the chrome browser at that time. By using the picture in picture, you can also stick many different tabs at the same time. If you stick more tabs then you will find narrower tabs.

Chrome Tabs

The picture in picture is really helpful for instance, if you would like to see a video on You tube but has to work on another thing simultaneously. With the Olympics in full swing, this will possibly be a great tool, because let’s face it: everyone is watching the Olympics at work, aren’t they?


If you use this for any video or music first confirm that you pinned the tab before you are going to play it, or else you will set up with two videos playing simultaneously.

Unhappily, if you likely to use the Spotify Web Player, it won’t work with this Chrome tabs extension. It will not look to know the truth that you are logged in, and as a result, public playlists are limited to 30- second clips and private playlists not easy to get.

With video sites like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix, however, it works like a charm

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