Interesting Smartphone Hacks

smartphone hacks

There are some unique ways to use your Smartphone which you might not know. All these Smartphone hacks can be obtained with the help of USB OTG cable. The Android smartphones functionality can be expanded in numerous ways. Many of us don’t know the extremes of the smartphone and its uses along with USB OTG cable. Most of us have used OTG to connect to Flash drive only.

Mouse and Keyboard With Android:

smartphone hacks

A mouse and a keyboard can be connected to an Android device through USB OTG. It might not be convenient to type with the small screen on the android device. This connection will help you in typing on your android device with ease. You can use the smartphone’s screen simply as a monitor with which the mouse and keyboard work similarly. You can use this as a computer. You can type ‘C’ programs, text documents, and even play games.

smartphone hacks

Gaming Controller:

smartphone hacks

The smartphone can be connected to a video game remote controller via USB OTG cable. This connection won’t work less than the regular video game setup. The smartphone screen here can work as a video game display.


smartphone hacks

If you want to print a document from your smartphone, don’t worry! OTG will let you out with it. This cable, when connected to the printer directly from the printer, can print the selected documents from the Android device. You need not transfer the documents from your android device to computer and take print outs from that connecting it to the printer.

Create Music Using Musical Instruments:

smartphone hacks

Installing MIDI controller app on android devices will let the instruments to play on the device with OTG. While you are playing instruments connected to the android phone, it will produce the music output through the smartphone.

USB accessories:

There are some regular and well-known USB accessories that can be connected via smartphone and used. LED lights can be connected via an android device and used. Nowadays, we all are quite familiar with the selfie sticks. It allows us to capture photos by ourselves without taking others help for a snap. This selfie stick can be connected to the android phone for capturing photos. Well, a microphone is a common accessory that everyone uses. But with an OTG, a microphone can also work in the same way. There are some other accessories used via OTG cable with the android for smartphone hacks.

Transfer Charge From Device To Another:

smartphone hacks

Do you know that charge from one device can be transferred to another? It is possible with an OTG cable. This cable, when connected from one device transfers its charge to the other device connected at the other end. This OTG cable allows you to share the charge within android devices.

Control DSLR Camera:

smartphone hacks

DSLR Cameras offer the best quality of images, complete with extensive manual controls, and a range of accessories. However, you can also control your DSLR camera and tweak its manual controls using your USB OTG connected Android phone. There are a huge number of apps available to workout this Smartphone hacks. DSLR Controller is one such app which can be used to adjust focus, zoom control, shutter speed, ISO, and then some more. This can be achieved directly from the Android smartphone. It can even be used to record Time lapse videos.

When a DSLR camera is connected to an android phone via the OTG cable, the device can control the camera easily. There is no need to touch the camera when connected in this way. The android device can alone control the functioning if the DSLR camera while connected.

Connect USB Modem With Android:

smartphone hacks

USB Modem allows an access of storage chips like SIM card, memory card, and many other storage chips. When these are accessed in the USB modem and it is connected to a smartphone via OTG, it will show the data in the chip. USB modem when connected with an Android devices, will show the information present on the chip.

Fingerprint Scanner:

smartphone hacks

The fingerprint scanner is connected to the smartphone via the USB OTG cable. It works same as when it is connected to a computer. But the computer here is the Smartphone. When the scanner is connected to the android phone, it scans faster than any other device before. The process is speedy with this connection ON.

I came across this when I went to buy Reliance Jio SIM. The verification of the documents was done using the eKYC method to speed up the process. The sim was activated within 1 day because of this feature. To simplify the process, eKYC uses your Aadhaar card to verify your details quickly. This is a service offered by the UIDAI and enables businesses to quickly carry out KYC norms. To do so, you need to give the stored Aadhaar number, and then your fingerprint is scanned in the store and matched with the Aadhaar database to verify your identity.

These are some of the smartphone hacks with the USB OTG cable. Hope these were interesting enough for you.

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