Best Creative Products You Can Actually Buy

Best Creative Products You Can Actually Buy

Creativity refers to a person creates something new that has some kind of value. It can be an artwork, product, solution, etc. What counts as “new” may be in reference to the individual creator, or to the society or domain within which the novelty occurs. What counts as “valuable” is similarly defined in a variety of ways.

Today we have showcased 20 Best Creative Products You Can Actually Buy. All of these item listed below was handpicked based on originality. We hope you will enjoy the following cool, creative and clever products.

1. Time Warp Shelf Clock

Time Warp Shelf Clock

To an art lover’s home creating a great conversation, the Time Warp Shelf Clock is the perfect addition. You can easily place this homage to Salvador Dali’s Persistence Of Memory on a mantle or shelf as no mounting required. Time doesn’t fly with this great Dali clock. It melts away. Size is 6.75″ x 4.75″ x 5.25″.  It requires 1 ‘AA’ battery which is not included.

The cost of Time Warp Shelf Clock is $13.49

2. The Avengers USB Sticks

The Avengers USB Sticks

2012 Avengers Marvel Sticks: Thor, Iron man, Hulk, America Captain.

The cost of The Avengers USB Sticks is $39.99

3. Wooden Camera iPhone Case

Wooden Camera Iphone Case

The cost of Wooden Camera iPhone Case is $41.17

4. Green LED Faucet Valve Night Light

Green LED Faucet Valve Night Light

A great attention-getter for guests, and it gives off ample light to use as a night light. This makes a perfect gift for that contractor, handyman, landscaper, or hard-to-buy-for person.

The cost of Green LED Faucet Valve Night Light is $8

5. USB Power Strip

USB Power Strip

The cost of USB Power Strip is $15.49

6. Mr P Tape Dispenser

Mr P Tape Dispenser

The cost of Mr P Tape Dispenser is $35.00

7. Tailsman Cherry Chomper

Tailsman Cherry Chomper

Traditionally, pitting cherries is a messy job. The Tailsman Designs Cherry Chomper is fun to use, compact, kid-friendly and mess-free. It features a plunger-type action that pushes the cherry pit and residual juice into the bottom container of the pitter. Simply insert it into the Cherry Chomper’s mouth, press down the head, and release to pit a cherry. The protective ‘tooth’ ensures that hands and fingers won’t be touched by any of the components. The Cherry Chomper also pits olives. It stands six inches tall and is dishwasher-safe.

The cost of Tailsman Cherry Chomper is $8.71

8. iPhone Hoodie Case

iPhone Hoodie Case

The cost of iPhone Hoodie Case is $11.95

9. Illuminating Charger by Dexim

 Illuminating Charger by Dexim

Dexim’s Visible Green Smart Charge and Sync Cable is the innovative and new way to charge your iOS device safely and quickly. Featuring electroluminescent (EL) technology, it features lights that visibly show the electrical current flowing through the cable. When your device needs a lot of juice, the current runs fast then as you get over 60% charge, the current slows down. The Smart Charger intelligently shuts off power from the source, saving power and money, when your device is fully charged.

The cost of Illuminating Charger by Dexim is $19.99

10. Retro Pointer Finger Cursor Icon Pixel Mouse

Retro Pointer Finger Cursor Icon Pixel Mouse

The computer geek or gamer in your life appreciates this cursor pointer finger pixel mouse. This is a fully functional USB mouse for your laptop or PC computer. It just has that retro flare that only a gamer or computer geek could appreciate. This Pixel Mouse is a plug and play device, complete with scroll wheel and left right buttons ready for your PC or Mac. Ships Brand New in Manufacturer’s Packaging with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

The cost of Retro Pointer Finger Cursor Icon Pixel Mouse is $19.99

11. The Murf Watch by Nixon

The Murf Watch by Nixon

The Nixon Men’s Murf Watch is designed with an extra-large push button screw crown for extra style and convenience. No more fiddling with miniature turn dials. High quality Japanese quartz arm movement ticks around the face which displays LED light, hour, and minute. The Murf’s large square face is half covered with a stainless steel giving it a unique look that stands out. With its butterfly clasped stainless steel band by keeping Nixon’s sharp style safe.

The cost of The Murf Watch by Nixon is $399.95

12. Kikkerland Safe Kitchen Timer

Kikkerland Safe Kitchen Timer

It’s extremely corny to keep your kitchen safe. Magnetic timer looks like a safe lock. Timer goes up to 60 minutes. Steel mechanism with plastic exterior and turn dial to set time.

The cost of Kikkerland Safe Kitchen Timer is $17.42

13. Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Deglon Meeting Knife Set

The cost of Deglon Meeting Knife Set is $836.74

14. Log Pillow by Kikkerland

Log Pillow by Kikkerland

Now you can sleep like a log when you relax your head and neck on this log shaped pillow. Custom contouring micro-bead fill and spandeby cover. The Bolster pillow features realistic three dimensional print of a log. Lightweight and great for home or travel.

The cost of Log Pillow by Kikkerland is $15.99

15. WeWood Jupiter Dual Movement Watch

WeWood Jupiter Dual Movement Watch

Smooth, feather-light and made of 100% natural wood. WeWood is the eco-chic way tp tell time. Born in Florence, the city of art, creativity and beauty. WeWood consolidates the Italian ability to architect unique items and the necessity to care for our environment.

The cost of WeWood Jupiter Dual Movement Watch is $119.00

16. Old-School Calculator iPhone Case

Old-School Calculator iPhone Case

The cost of Old-School Calculator iPhone Case is $7.70

17. Picnic Table Condiment Set

Picnic Table Condiment Set

Sprayground The Money Stacks Backpack in.

The cost of Picnic Table Condiment Set is $15

18. Money Stacks Backpack

Money Stacks Backpack

Black,Bags Utility/Messenger for Unisex. Where did you get your bag? is the only thing you will get asked. Be prepared to carry in confidence!

The cost of Money Stacks Backpack is $50.00

19. Android Robot USB Device Charger

Android Robot USB Device Charger

Andru is a spectacular phone charger made especially for Android phone. Though hell gladly charge any USB-powered device or phone. His included cable has a micro-USB plug. On concord, you can use your own if your device requires it. Let him keep you company at your desk, playfully tousle his antennae then tell him your problems.

The cost of Android Robot USB Device Charger is $25.00

20. Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Zombie Head Cookie Jar

These are Delicious Chocolate chips braiinnnz. Do you think that if zombies had enough presence of mind to cook? This appears as if they’d bake things out of brains. We can imagine there being zombie bakeries, where they whip up brain-shaped cupcakes with frosting made from blended parietal lobe. Oh My God, delish. Are you hungry all of the sudden? We are just crack open this zombie head, reach inside, and grab some cookies.

The cost of Zombie Head Cookie Jar is $37.95

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