Why send promotional Messages Using WhatsApp API

Voice call, SMS, Email are some of the methods used by business enterprises to send messages or contact customers and the target audience for years. With the advancement of technology, enterprises are now moving to WhatsApp Business app to stay in touch with users across the globe.

WhatsApp has around 1.5 billion users and is one of the best ways for enterprises to expand their market and customer base. Many companies in the industry provide API integration and a platform for enterprises to connect WhatsApp to their systems. It can be done by requesting early access from their websites. The companies handle the integration process, provide videos and tutorials to enterprises about how to work on the platform, create bots, and provide round the clock technical support. They also provide an interactive dashboard that keeps the enterprises updated about the status of the messages at any given point in time.

Using WhatsApp API send message to users in any location. Get real-time delivery reports about the messages sent and delivered. Business enterprises need to get explicit opt-i from customers as permission to send them messages on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp uses phone numbers to send and receive messages. This means that the business has to provide a phone number which will be used with the API integration and a code will be generated to connect the number to the account. Companies offer an option known as Sandbox to enterprises.

The Sandbox feature helps enterprises to send messages to users without waiting for WhatsApp to approve their phone number. It is possible because the companies provide a pre-provisioned number for the enterprise to use. Businesses can pick a number for the list of numbers and use it until their WhatsApp API number is approved by the app. There are certain limitations to using the Sandbox feature such as,

  • Can send messages using only the pre-approved templates.
  • The messages cannot be sent to all users.
  • There is a limit to the number of messages that can be sent per second.

The verified and approved WhatsApp Business accounts have a green tick beside the account name. This helps users know that the business is real. Now comes the time for business enterprises to try some out of the box solutions to attract customers and increase sales.

  • Chatbots for Automated Responses
    • There is no denying that first impressions should be the best. When a customer sends a message to a business, an immediate reply will create a positive impression.
    • The companies create and generate chatbots to respond to generic queries asked by customers.
    • The replies are automated. Each time there is a message from a customer, a greeting followed by a question will be delivered to the user.
    • There are quite a few advantages to using chatbots. One is that the bots will keep the customer engaged until the support staff steps in.
    • The second advantage is that it records the messages for the staff to read and respond at their earliest convenience.
    • The third advantage is that the staff does not have to repeatedly respond to the same FAQs. They can focus on the core aspect of their job, i.e., troubleshooting the issue and finding a solution.
    • The fourth advantage is that with a sequence of questions by the chatbots, the staff can pinpoint the trouble areas. The interactive medium allows users to share pictures which enable in better problem finding and solving.
  • Rich Interactive Interface to Enrich Customer Engagement
    • WhatsApp provides real-time interactive messaging where businesses and customers can send and receive text messages, images, videos, documents, etc.
    • Businesses can include links to the website where the purchases can be made by the customers.
    • This will help convert the interactive messages to transactions and increase sales.
    • Send personalized messages to customers based on their product preferences and purchase history.
    • Divide customers into groups based on preferences and send exclusive deals and offers in bulk.

Send notifications about booking and deliveries, share information using the end to end encryption offered by WhatsApp, and keep users updated at about new products and services. Gupshup provides the best API integration services in the industry.

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