Run A Laptop Without A Battery

laptop without a battery

Did you ever try to use a laptop without a battery? Do you think a laptop will work in such a case? Yes! A laptop can be used on AC power. But as it can be said a portable device, it will not be anymore a portable device. You may not carry it along with you wherever you go because it will work only when you plug in the adapter which we usually called as a charger. It can be used as a desktop replacement.

Will this affect the performance of the system that it works without a battery? Absolutely not! When you connect the adapter to the laptop without a battery inside it can give the same performance result as without a battery. Except that it can’t be used without plugging in the adapter. So you continue using the laptop just like a desktop.

Here are some of the reasons how it is possible for a laptop to work without a battery. The first is that the battery can act as a UPS to prevent power variants that could cause the components on the laptop’s motherboard to fail. Make sure that you won’t use a laptop without a battery in an area with a high-intensity electrical load. The use of UPS will work with the laptop even in a high-intensity electrical load or a poor quality electrical current and would prevent your laptop from damages.


While using the laptop, don’t plug out the power cord while working with the laptop. This might damage the components and you might lose the data in the system. Make sure you don’t touch the battery contact or remove the battery or replace the battery when the adapter is plugged in. You should do all these only when the laptop is turned OFF or unplugged from power connections.

Now, let’s know how actually the laptops works without a battery connected to it.

When the adapter is connected to the laptop, the power is divided into two paths: one path goes directly into the system and the other goes to the battery. Among these two, the system load is given the first priority. So when the adapter is connected to the system, it takes the current required and remaining current goes to charge the battery. When the laptop is running on full load, it takes the total current from the adapter and nothing is left to charge the battery. In such case, you can use a laptop without a battery. The adapter current is drawn directly to the system to work.

Now you may think, what is the need for a battery in the laptop? What if you have plugged out the adapter? Then comes the use of the battery charge. When the system is completely loaded with charge, the current then flows to charge the battery. This will allow you to use the laptop without plugging in the adapter.

battery charger

By this, don’t you wonder if the battery connects to the system directly or not? Yes! But through a FET transistor. This transistor acts as a current limiter and also as a switch to connect and disconnect the battery from the system load. When there is no battery, the BATsense of the charger detects its absence and simply turns off the FET switch. Only the system load sees the power path of the charger IC, which is supplied by the Adapter.

This is how the working of a laptop without a battery exists. And take care of all the precautions before using the laptop without a battery in case of high loads or currents.

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