Apps to Turn Photos Into Art on Android, iOS, or Web

Apps to Turn Photos Into Art on Android, iOS, or Web

Since Instagram has come, the idea of adding filters to your pictures has caught on. Those filters have ranged from simple settings that affect contrast and brightness to more complex filters that make your pictures pop.

A new filter craze takes over the internet. Moreover, you will be seeing people changing their selfies into art. To be more precise adds filters that mimic the painting styles by famous artists. These filters add a whole new dimension to photos from Munch’s Scream to Mondrian’s geometric genius.

The deep style neural painting algorithm is the brain behind these apps, what sets them apart is the way it is applied in different apps. Now you can make these for free.


Another way to get noticed for your digital art is to create artsy collages. Create stunning photo essays by grouping different images that tell a story, make analog-style scrapbook entries, add text to images, and overall say more with a creative editing app like Instasize.

Instasize offers more than just photo filters and standard editing features. You can even choose from numerous edgy, minimalist, vintage, DIY, or even film-type pattern designs to integrate with your artwork. If you are an iPhone user, you also get free access to Unsplash’s library of images so you can be inspired to create more unique art!

Fun Tip: You can use Instasize to layer another photo as a border image to create a really cool and modern effect!

Download Instasize for free on both iOS and Android. To unlock 100+ filters and border styles, you can subscribe to Premium for $4.99/month.

Prisma (Android, iOS): The Best of the Art Filter Apps

You have probably seen this app mentioned either on Twitter, Instagram or  Facebook recently. Prisma really kicked off the art style filter craze as it is remarkably easy to use, and also does few things that none of the other apps do.


By using Prisma, you can choose a picture and a filter. Then it applies the filter immediately takes about 10 to 20 seconds and show you a preview of your final image. It is nothing but how Instagram filters work. Then slide your finger right and left to denote the intensity of  the filter from 0 to 100 percent.

The intensity and instant preview are not features that you get in any other “art filter” app at the moment that makes Prisma stand out. Prisma is available for free of cost on Android and iPhone on concord the iPad version costs $2.99.

Download: Prisma for Android is Free and iPhone is also Free

Pikazo (Android, iOS): Make Your Own Custom Art Filter!

Pikazo has been around for a longer time than Prisma that gives it a slight edge. For example, it is not only free on all platforms but it also allows you to create your own filter.

You can start it by choosing a picture from your mobile’s gallery or shoot a new one. After that choose one from one of the few paintings those are preloaded to determine your style or add a custom painting from your mobile’s gallery. You can find out great paintings online easily and choose something that matches your taste.

When you are done, upload it to Pikazo’s servers, where it takes few minutes to apply the filter to your image. It is not instant, that is little disappointing, on concord, the waiting period is not too long means about 5-10 minutes. All that you created are stored in Pikazo and able to share to downloaded for free or social networks .

Download: Pikazo for Android is Free for iOS is Free

DreamScope (Web): No Waiting, High-Res Images

The smartphone is not always needed to turn your images into the brilliant paintings. If you are interested to know how Pablo Picasso painted your portrait, verify it out at DreamScope.


This web app uses the same DeepStyle generator and has various styles that you can  use as filters. In fact, after Prisma, I assume DeepStyle has the largest collection of styles.

DeepStyle doesn’t compress your pictures. You can upload a high-resolution images and get a high-resolution image in return, however, all the other apps shrink it to a smaller size. If you want to print out any of these “painted photos”  high resolutions is necessary and then frame them.

DeepArt (Web): Create Custom Styles

Such as Pikazo on mobiles, DeepArt is also a web app that contains an option to turn any painting that you see online into filter style and the result is good even if you don’t use a famous painting.


Let’s tell you found a wonderful unfiltered image that someone shared on Instagram after they tweaked with the settings to just get it. You can download the Instagram image and turn it into a filter for yourself on DeepArt, as long as you sign up for it.

Then upload your image, choose the new filter you have created and watch DeepArt marry the two. I would recommend checking out the “Latest Images” tab to be inspired by what people are creating, so you will have the idea of what you like to do.

r/deep style (Web): Discuss All Things Related to Art Filters

Do you want to know when a killer new app is available ? Do you need an app that works that works with videos? Do you like to create your own app? Do you like to see what others are creating? The internet’s own discussion Reddit, the board has an entire forum for this.

r deepstyle

Over at r/deepstyle, you’ll find everything that is related to this new algorithm, from papers on how to make your own app to existing software and galleries. The community is quite helpful with the aspects of this tech and will even give suggestions critiques on how to make your images better.

Which Is the Best Painting for Filters?

Having so many different apps out there, you can create a beautiful profile picture or background picture that draws eyeballs.

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