InkHunter App


The inkHunter App is a collection of different tattoos designed by tattoo artists. You can try out virtually via the auto-magic of smartphone-powered augmented reality placing pixels on your flesh in real-time.

Ink Hunter is a new app that gives you the ability to feel a lot more confident about purchasing piece of body art. You can also upload your own sketches to the app to see whether your pen skills are sharp enough to merit leaving a permanent mark on your person. This App is like “try before you buy”. Simply to say, it’s an app which can be used to ink a tattoo before having it permanently on your skin.

Because you need to draw a flat-lined emoji face on the skin before you get it inked permanently on your skin. Then comes the AR tech, which uses your mobile camera to position and overlay what might be your future tattoo. So you’re peeking through your smartphone screen at an alternative tattooed you.


Ink Hunter lets you snap a photo of your AR tattoo for future reference or to share with your friends for a second opinion. The app also provides tools to edit the photo and allows users to share the final image of their future tattoo directly via social media. It also includes a blur effect which seemingly mimics what your tattoo might look like after some years. For instance, when the lines aren’t quite so furiously defined.

Dev priorities include working on the AR algorithm to improve performance, says CTO Pavlo Razumovsky. “ The last release we managed to adapt our algorithm to awry [inked on square] smileys, next step adapt it to different conditions: darkness, shadow, veins and so on. We are working not only on improving detection, but also accuracy and stability of tattoo position on skin.”

He says a team of software engineers based in the Ukraine also intends to works on being able to overlay color tattoos. Now, it supports only black and white. The other features include the ability to remove photos/sketches from the gallery, adaptive custom sketch uploader, and navigation and search features for the tattoo gallery.

This app can be downloaded for free and used. According to Razumovsky, the plan for creating this is to take a cut on any sales. Although the future focus is likely to be more on bookings of specific tattoo artists, rather than selling designs as he says “generally, artists prefer to ink their own designs”.


“We are involving tattoo artists to connect them with our users. In doing so, our app will become a funnel which starts with people who are just thinking about a tattoo and ends with those, who are confident in the tattoo they want and artists who can get it done,” he says, noting they are currently working with six tattoo artists.

“We just started to develop our business model. Today we foresee it to be a 5-10% of booking deposit for tattoo artists and fixed CPC for temporary tattoo services. But we have a few perspective ideas we going to test nearest few month,” he adds.

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