Most of the persons are now addicted to their mobile phones in making calls. For those people some of the useful services are provided, using those services, the users can make free calls from their PC’s to mobile and also they can make calls from mobile to PC. By using some of the online services the user can make free calls.

The telecommunication services are increasing the call cost frequently; the free online services are helpful to make free calls.

Following are some of the services that let the user to make free calls online:

Yahoo Messenger:


The Yahoo messenger helps the users to make free calls from PC to mobile. This is not like Google voice, it provides to make free calls in India also!!!

Steps to use Yahoo Messenger:

  1. First the user has to download Yahoo Messenger and they have to install on their device.
  2. It is better to have a Yahoo account to this service; if the user is not having they have to create a new Yahoo account and sign up with that account.
  3. Then the user has to click on Yahoo call, and then select “Call a Phone number from my PC”.
  4. Then dial the number 18003733411 to connect. This is a toll free number. The user has to wait until it gets connected.
  5. Then follow the instructions and choose the free call option through saying free call by the microphone. The user has to hear the advertisements until the call gets connected. Then the user will hear “Please Dail Your Number”.
  6. Then dial your number and enjoy making free calls.



This service is one of the best to make free calls from PC to mobile, like Google it also offers only for USA and Canada people.

  • Icall application is available for Mac, windows, Iphone, Android and Linux.
  • By making calls with this service, the user can speak only for 5 minutes, automatically disconnected after the duration of 5 minutes. But they can make calls so many times.




            The Site2Sms is also the best site to make free calls. This service is only for the Indian users.

  • The call limit is 2 minutes, after that it will be disconnected automatically.
  • The user can make 15 calls with 2 minutes each. 




This service is also used to make free calls, but it has some restrictions having the daily limit of 60 minutes and allows the user to make calls only for the countries mentioned by them.