WhatsApp: Here’s a List of New Features in WhatsApp yet to be released


New Features in Whatsapp


WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging application, has about 1.5 billion daily users. To enhance the users experience every day, WhatsApp keeps developing the new features.

So, this article is about the new set of 6 new features in WhatsApp. What is the new feature that goes into the hands of the people after the research and development?

01. Click To Chat.

This WhatsApp feature is used to message an unknown number which is not saved in your WhatsApp contact. No doubt that this new feature will reduce the need for saving those unnecessary numbers. In short, this feature allows you to create a link to start a conversation with an unsaved number. This is a helpful feature for business professionals.

02. Instant Link to Facebook!

We know that WhatsApp is acquired by Facebook. So there is no surprise that this new feature is introduced. This allows users to share a link instantly by the ‘Send To Whatsapp’ option. Now there is no need to access the Share option in the Drop Down menu.

03. Group Audio Calls!

WhatsApp, along with group video calls now it’s focusing on group audio calls. As a result, this feature is expected to be released in the coming week. As the name suggests, this new feature will allow users to make Whatsapp voice call to many contacts at the same time.

04. Select All!

This feature is for Android user. This helps to select all the messages at one time. There is no need to select each message and mark them as Mark as Read or Unread. This feature will allow you to quickly delete all the chats at a time.

05. Media Visibility.

This feature, found on WhatsApp’s Android beta site, allows users to control WhatsApp media. It will ask user permission whether to save images and videos on device gallery.

For people who don’t know, we would like to note that this feature is already in the available in the iOS version.

06. Account Info!

Through a recent WhatsApp account feature, a user can ask for information about his account. It is also noteworthy that this information will protect the details of your messages with the End to End encryption. It will generate the report for three days to next few weeks and will be available for download within the next few weeks.

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