Schedule WhatsApp Messages Without Rooting Your Device

How to schedule Whatsapp messages on Android

Would you think how to deal with the problem of failing to plan ahead with sending messages? Third-party applications will sort it out. Whatsapp is one of the main media to share a wide variety information to their contacts. We also frequently use Whatsapp to keep in touch with loved ones and to share the news. Some of the messages that come to us at the right time are really expressing love. But there is no chance to schedule Whatsapp messages to be sent on right time.

If the user is asked about the need for this, it is less likely to be of much importance to that aspect. But this will be a great help to people who forget the important days and events. Would you think how to schedule Whatsapp messages? There are numerous applications that can help you plan ahead for a specific event or a specific day. Most of these work without any hassle.

They work together with primary Whatsapp application. In this way, we can use the ‘SQEDit’ app and set the messages before the scheduled time.

Schedule Whatsapp Messages using SQEDit

The SQEDit Application is approximately 13MB in size. This is available in Google Play Store. Download and install this application on your device where Whatsapp is already installed. You can sign in this application with your email address or Facebook.

SQEDit App

When logging into your account, tap the WhatsApp icon at the bottom and you will be prompted to allow permissions for this application. You have to endorse this application to work properly. If you have no regrets about this, you do not have to hesitate to endorse it. You can boldly approve it. No information has not been disclosed by this app so far.

If you refuse to grant this permission and then changed your thought or refused to allow it in error, there is no problem. It can be modified by some simple steps. Goto the device settings, select the application and give the permission required. After doing all this, open the application again and tap on the Whatsapp icon.

Messages can be scheduled here. You can type the message you want to send it later and select whom to send it. As the last step, you can save and schedule message. You can do this by tapping “Scheduler” button at the top right corner.

In general, the “Send Manually” button will be implemented. So if you have to make a fix before sending the message, a notification comes from the application to help it. Only after approval, the message will be sent. By turning off the “Send Manually” button, it will send automatically without any approval.

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