Top 7 Evernote Resources


Why to Love Evernote

Evernote can be used in different types such as to store data to read later, organizing the picture of annual goals and projects. It also keeps track of all important data that can access to a later date.

Once I figured out how to organize my information efficiently, I realized the power of the Evernote system and how I could manage and track just about everything.
Top 7 Notebooks in Evernote

These 7 must-have notebooks in Evernote are the building blocks which are used to organize important information. This is just the tip. Evernote has an unlimited capacity to store just about anything, so feel free to expand this list indefinitely.

1. Big Picture Planning

Most of the people have lots of ideas, plans, and dreams about their future. If we write our ideas on scraps of Paper we usually throw them out. So that we can use a notebook in Evernote that includes a list of biggest projects, daily rituals and it could be used for later.

2. Brainstorming Sessions

No matter what line of work you are in, or what goals current have, nearly every new idea requires a brainstorming session to get your creative juices flowing. I record my notes from my brainstorms into a new note in my “Brainstorming” notebook. Soon after, I transfer any tasks to Nozbe (my task manager) and copy other important ideas to the relevant project notebook in Evernote.
3. Articles to Read Later

You can read all of the newsletters and articles at the end of the week. You can store all the articles and letters in one notebook . From there you can read at any time and you can also use Evernote Web clipper in chrome to transfer your files quickly into Evernote.  so that you can read later.You can also subscribe to newsletters using your Evernote email address

4. Meeting Notes
Always use Evernote to take notes. Even in an off-line mode, you can easily take meeting notes in Evernote on your iPad. and synchronize the data when you get into a Wi-Fi zone, and then process the new information later.

Just be sure to create a reminder in your task management system to process all of your notes, identify important tasks, and disregard everything else. Taking notes doesn’t mean much if you don’t read them later (I know this from years of wasted note-taking).

5. Past Accomplishments

One of the first notebooks I created in Evernote was a list of my biggest accomplishments in the last year. I wanted a place to remember all of the things I did well so I could review the list and remind myself that I was still on track to be a high-achiever (yes, even ambitious guys like me frequently suffer from self-doubt).

I recommend you create a new note for each year of your life going back as far as you can remember. Record all of the great things you accomplished, trips you went on, new experiences that changed your life, or any other major personal victory. You’ll be surprised how a list like this can boost your self-esteem and provide some needed perspective to set new goals for the future.

6. Templates
We will receive e-mails from different people that look and sound like identical. So, we can create separate email templates for such type of e-mails and we can use them as frameworks to design each response.

The same technique can be used with starting a new project, writing a new project or with any other repetitive task where a template can save you time and mental energy from trying to re-invent the wheel.

7. Personal Records
We can store our personal records such as medical records, house addresses, work histories and even important financial and tax information. We can see them whenever we want them. Mostly we can use them in  important situations.

This process requires a bit of trust with the Evernote system. Recording personal data somewhere online is essential and I have a combination of data stored in Evernote, Google Drive, and on my personal computer that is backed up online with Crash Plan. In other words, this data will likely never disappear and I can access it easily.

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