Best Secret Video Recorder Apps

You might have come across some situations where you wish to secretly record videos. It may be a prank played on your friends or any surprise for them. But how to record this secretly without any sounds from the camera. Some of the cameras make sounds frequently while recording whereas some have LED light blinking constantly. Eliminating all these, what is the way to record a video secretly. Are there any secret video recorder apps in the smartphones?

Can we install these secret video recorder apps on your mobiles? Yes! There are some secret video recorder apps that work the best to secretly and silently record videos for you. But make sure that you are not using these secret video recorder apps in a wrong way. These will be helpful to point out the mistakes done by people that may hurt others.

The best thing about these secret video recorder apps is that they won’t display the recording while the video recorder app in switched ON. So no one can know that you are recording the video with your smartphone.

Let’s see the top 5 best secret video recorder apps that can be installed on your smartphone.

1. Secretly record video:


Secretly record video is one of the small sized apps that hardly consumes space on a smartphone or any other device. After installing this app on your device, you can see two tabs: Home and Schedule. The home button has a power button in the center of the screen. Simply press the power button to start or stop to record the video. The recorded video will automatically get saved in the gallery of your device. And what is the purpose of schedule tab in this app? As the name says schedule, you can schedule a recording by setting a particular time to record anything and exit the app. This will automatically record a video during the scheduled time and this will also get saved in the gallery.

There are some Settings in this secretly record video app that can be manually set by the user accordingly. You can choose to set either front camera or rear camera, video quality, on/off shutter volume, destination folder for saving videos, and much more.

2. Secret Video Recorder:


This app can easily contribute more for recording a video secretly without anyone let know anything. This app works silently in the background while recording any video. When you run the app for the first time, it will seek a permission from you to add two icons on the home screen. The first icon is to start or stop the recording whereas the second is the set preferences. The free version of this app has a limitation that it won’t support you to record a video that lasts more than a minute. To record a long video, you need to upgrade the app to its pro version.

You can alter setting like to enable flashlight, hide videos in the gallery, set video orientation, switch between modes, and much more.

3. Secret video recorder with Appogli:



This secret video recorder is an app developed by Appogli. It is a very easy-to-use app with all the necessary options and functions that a video recorder requires. This app also has a single button for start and stop recording. It has an option to manually choose the timer for video recording from 30 seconds to 45 minutes.

Apart from choosing maximum video recording time, there are a plenty of options to choose from. You can switch between front and rear camera, hide the gallery of video recordings, enable/disable shutter sounds, and a lot of options are available with the Secret video recorder app with Appogli.

There is another option in this app i,e, you can receive text messages while recording videos. There is an option to enable SMS activation. You can set an identifier code and when your device receives that code through a text from another device, the app will start the recording automatically. The only thing that irritates throughout is the ads that continue to pop up and interrupt your work.

4. SCOS:


This is a secret video recorder app with a variety of features and options. This app has an option to allow you to take both secret pictures and videos by clicking a switch. All the other features like switching between the front and rear camera, hiding the video recordings gallery, enable and disable shutter sounds are all available with this app. You can use this app in the main menu as other apps on your device. You can directly get into this app. There is a small rectangular screen on the main menu of this app that displays what the device is recording or capturing.

There is a unique feature that this app can allow you to record videos while the screen is black. This says that there is a black mode which helps you to achieve this. You just need to press the volume button to start recording the video. There is even a face detection mode which captures images in just a click. The auto button clicks images every 2 seconds automatically if the device is enabled to work in this mode. This app is one of the best video recorder apps that can be installed and the best thing is that there are no ads in the app.

5. Ultra Spy Camera:


This is one of the fine video recorder apps that has a good set of features with no ads to interrupt. This app also can work directly from the main menu of your device like the SCOS. There is a preview screen which you can choose to minimize or expand. There are two buttons: auto record and record videos manually. As the other video recording apps in the list work with a single start and stop button to record a video, this app too has a button to start and stop recording.

This app has a feature that exists with the SCOS video recorder apps. When you click the button to start a video, then the screen turns black so that no one can know that a video is being recorded. While the app is working, you can capture images with just tapping on the screen. There are other settings that help you to manually set the screen brightness, video interval time, and other video settings.

These are the top 5 best secret video recorder apps with which you can record videos silently without letting other know what’s happening on the device’s screen. These secret video recorder apps can be used for various purposes. But make sure that these apps are used in a right way.

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