Now-a-days, most of the persons are terrible at sleeping, they even tried various tricks and remedies, to get a good sleep, but they are not.

The conventional wisdom says that using Smartphones before going to bed will makes the humans to awake at night, but the Smartphone App Sleep Cycle helps the humans to monitor your sleep and make you deep sleep.

Some of the Apps that helps to get good sleep,

  • Sleep Cycle – is an iOS app
  • Sleep bot – Android
  • Simply Rain.

The Sleep cycle App helps the humans to learn about their sleep habits. The App is designed to wake up when a person is sleeping lightly, so they won’t feel the regular abnormal sensation after the jerking of Alarm Clock.

Working of the App Sleep Cycle:

The Smartphone App Sleep Cycle is a $2 iOS app that starts to work, when a person set his Smartphone on his mattress, before going to sleep. The Sleep Cycle uses the iPhone’s sensors to monitor the movements of a person while he is sleeping.


This App records the different phases of sleep from light to deep. During morning time, that person can get the time graph showing how he managed to stay in deep sleep. The App provides the notes section for each night’s data, so the person can identify the reason for his light sleep.

  • For e.g, he can track that drinking a cup of tea before going to bed affects his sleep or may be his sleep pattern affects his sleep.

One can also export the data to an Excel spreadsheet, if he is really interested in the detailed analysis of his sleep habits.

Android’s Sleepbot:

The other App that also helps to get sleep in Android is Sleepbot. This App also uses the motion Sensor of the device to track the sleep patterns and it wakes the person gently when he is in a light sleep. The interface to this App is quiet difficult than Sleep Cycle, bur this is more powerful than Sleep Cycle.


The user can set the target sleep times and can see over the several days, if he has a sleep deficit, therefore he can set a remainder while going to bed. This App also includes the function of the sound-monitoring, so it helps to see if there are any noise disturbances, and it relates the sleep with the quiet environment.    

 Smartphone App Simply Rain:

The other way App that helps for sleeping is Simply Rain, a $1 iOS app, which plays soothing rain sounds.


The interface of Simply Rain has,

A larger slider To control the sound volume.


A small slider To adjust the intensity of the rain.


It provides the option of choosing different intensities of thunder sounds in mix, and set the app to vary the volume and to stimulate it like a real rain shower. It also includes the sleep timer.

Sleep Pillow Sounds:

The App Sleep Pillow Sounds is a $2 iOS app that provides the alternative sleep sounds like rain on water, lapping waves on the shore or cracking fires.