Windows 10 on a Single Board Computer

Windows 10 on a Single Board Computer

LattePanda is a single-board computer designed specifically for all things Windows 10. The board is small, but powerful, and functions just like a normal Windows 10 desktop, but because of its size, you can plug-and-play anywhere.

Just imagine is it possible to use Windows 10 on a Single Board Computer (SBC) right out of the box. That is LattePanda. A Shanghai-based startup those Makers at Latte were frustrated at the lack of tools those are available to makers looking for creating Windows-based projects. That is regardless of what you are thinking does have some relevance. As Windows is the most popular consumer OS on the planet. That has a huge support community and a vast catalog. In response, the team created a palm-sized LattePanda. That is quad-core having Intel Cherry Trail 1.8GHz full Windows 10 computer.


The LattePanda is totally about connectivity. The 1.8GHz quad-core computer features up to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard flash storage. Each computer features Bluetooth 4.0, onboard WiFi, HDMI ports, USB 3.0 interfaces all the usual suspects with this.


The LattePanda computer runs the full version of Windows 10 also and it truly does the work such as a desktop out of the box. You can run Microsoft Office and play 1080p high definition PC games. Well, Intel integrated graphics. So, simpler games and from a computer, you can surf the web that is 40 percent smaller than the standard iPhone.

standard iPhone

LattePanda which is standard these days can be powered by a 5V micro-USB adapter. But it has an onboard Atmega32u4 co-processor with an Arduino port packing 20 GPIO. Alongside to that post, it is one for the onboard  Intel processor that consists of 2 GPIO. The built-in touchscreen support and LCD connector that really adds to the versatility. Obviously, an IPS LCD is sold as a standard accessory. If you just make a look at their successful Kickstarter campaign then you can see the applications are the typical DIY / Maker projects such as IoT, robotics etc.


The functional use of LattePanda has been demonstrated by the Latte team in a number of projects including a machine learning color recognition configuration, a DIY smart car hookup, 3D printing projects, real-time 3D modeling for drones and Microsoft Kinect projects that is time to dust that off. WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 is built in. It makes it seem like a good buy for the amount of the possibility shown in their introduction video.

The computer of the LattePanda is revolutionary at the moment for being the only single-board computer for the Windows platform. You can save time if you are used for working on Windows by continuing to rely on the Visual Studio, C#, and Windows 10 OS. Everything designed to run on a PC could potentially run on the LattePanda.

The LattePanda comes in two versions. The first one is basic with 32GB of storage and 2G of RAM, the other one is the upgraded with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. In my opinion, the Price starts at $80 that is reasonable. Latte also sells a number of accessories to accompany the sensor set, case, touch panel, the computer and wireless keyboard w/touchpad as that also works with a  Raspberry Pi.

Immediately I’ll be comparing to a Windows 10 device that I bought recently known and also named as the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Computer that is around the same price. My main problem with the Kangaroo is the lack of accessible interfaces for development that is mainly serial. I would like a little accessibility with a system that runs Windows and possibly x86 support. The perfect alternative is the LattePanda. As especially if you are not adverse to a little developing yourself. Otherwise, Check it out on their website after this link.

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