Best 5 Note Taking Apps

Android note Taking apps
Android note Taking apps

Presently individuals will probably utilise Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, or Evernote . Although, these are closed source, exclusive services that store your information on remote servers. Would you truly like to manage potential security risk chances just to scribble down a couple notes?

The following are five of the best note taking apps I’ve found in F-Droid. They don’t match up documents crosswise over gadgets, however specifically, that is an or more. Everyone looks fine and modern gadget with material design.

1. Swiftnotes

If you depended vigorously on Keep before choosing to dump Google, then Swiftnotes is your nearest open source elective. You can make notes, sort up short blurbs, and give every passage it’s own colour shading.

In Swiftnotes, colours serve as labels. You can’t filter data, however, you can rapidly recognise notes of the same shading. Coordinate colours to separate shopping records from regular checkups and quotes for your history paper.


A search function loads up notes that match keywords in the title or the body. Since Swiftnotes is running locally on your gadget, brings pop up immediately.

At the point when the time comes to switch mobiles, you can backup each note and restore them later. This is not the same as matching up information crosswise over gadgets, but rather it doesn’t accompany worries over protection or control either.

Download: Swiftnotes for Android

2. Notepad

Notepad doesn’t feel as cleaned as Swiftnotes, yet it includes additional elements for clients who locate the last excessively fundamental.

For one thing, there’s primary formatting. You can make text strong, underline keywords, or stress particular expressions. This separates words that would some way or another mix together.


At the point when that is insufficient, you can change content shading. Your choices are dark, red, blue, green, or yellow.

This application doesn’t stop with notes you write up. Now and then a doodle shows signs of improvement. Here you can draw a note or compose with at the tip of your finger. You won’t make gems, however, you can change the shading and brush size.

Download: Notepad for Android

3. Floating Stickies

Would you ever think about setting as a sticky note on your screen to help you recall? That could make you the sort of individual who might love Floating Stickies. The application keeps a transparent sticky note on your screen at all times, so you bear in mind.

Floating Stickies
Floating Stickies

I’ll concede, the possibility of this application would have driven me up the divider some time recently. In what capacity would I be able to utilise an application when a sticky note is taking up part of the screen? What’s more, this is a portable application — dislike there’s much space to work with!

In any case, now I observe this application to be an incredible approach to recollect essential things. I’m going to check my telephone at a few focuses for the duration of the day, and a drifting sticky note will ensure I keep in mind what we require from the store.

Sticky notes aren’t useful for schedules. I utilise one as a suggestion to stay positive or to bear an expression I read in a book that I need to focus on memory.

Notes turn straightforward when not being used, so you can simply see what’s underneath. Stickies cycle between one of three hues. With respect to choices, there are none. Like genuine sticky notes, the magnificence is in the straightforwardness. There’s a reason people continue making applications like this.

That aside, I wouldn’t utilise Floating Stickies for writing down anything long. You’ll need an alternate application for that.

Download: Floating Stickies for Android

4. uNote

uNote isn’t the prettiest application. The interface does the uncovered insignificant to feel advanced, however not everybody needs their notes to look like Post-Its.

uNote’s notes each have a title and a body. There’s no designing, doodling, or some other approach to zest things up. Every section shows up in a clear rundown.

uNote App
uNote App

As exhausting as that sounds, there are motivations to look at this application. One is the choice to inquiry notes by title and substance. Another is the incorporation of both creation date and alteration date, so you know when you made every passage.

At that point there’s the capacity to watchword ensure every note. Not just that, you can set individual passwords. On the off chance that you need an additional layer of security, this might be the approach.

Download: uNote for Android

5. Writeily Pro

Possibly you take genuine notes. Some of these applications will work, yet they’re not as much as perfect. When you’re jabbing out protracted, vigorously organised reports from your telephone, you require something with more oomph.

Writeily Pro gives you a chance to write in plain content and markdown. The last gives you a significant part of the ability you would anticipate from a word processor. We’re not talking just bolding, underlining, and stressing. You can make both bulleted and numbered lists. At that point add hyperlinks to sites you need to recollect.

Writeily Pro
Writeily Pro

Markdown is an awesome approach to composing for the web. When you’re finished with a note, you can fare to plain content, HTML, or a picture. At that point, you can transfer it to a web journal.

The application means for you to make a cluster of notes, so you have the choice to make organisers. Furthermore, as with uNote, you can shield your notes from intrusive people. This time, you utilise a PIN rather than a customary secret key.

Download:Writeily Pro for Android

Which Is Write for You?

Pardon, the totally awful quip. I attempted. Possibly you can record a couple of proposals utilising any of the applications above and hit me up with your best ones.

While you’re busy, which application do you like best? Is there another open source choice that I’ve missed? Tell me! What’s more, in case you’re considering supplanting all your Android applications with open source choices, here are

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