Online Advertising Statistics

Internet or Online:

The Internet is worldwide, visibly accessible series of interconnected or interrelated computer networks so as to broadcast data by small package switching by means of the typical Internet Protocol (IP). It is a “network of networks” that consists of millions of smaller, domestic, business and management networks, which mutually hold a variety of information and services like electronic mail, file transfer, online chat and the interlinked network pages and further possessions of the World Wide Web (WWW).

Online Media Categories:

  • Portals:
    Yahoo, AOL, MSN
  • Content:, NY,,
  • Search Engines:
    Yahoo Search, Google
  • Social Media:
    Facebook, Myspace
  • Video:
    YouTube, Veoh
  • Blogs:
    Federated Media
  • Email & Newsletter e-Commerce:
    Amazon, Google Reader
  • RSS Feeds:
    Feedburner, Google Reader
  • Ad Networks:
    Tacoda (AOL), Blue Lithium (Yahoo), Tremor Media,

Types of Online advertising:

S. No Types Technologies
1. Display Behavior Targeting
2. SEM Search Engine Marketing Contextual Targeting
3. SEO Search Engine Optimization Keyword and Link Targeting
4. Email Marketing Rich Media
5. Newsletters Rich Internet Applications (AJAX)
6. Video Keyword Targeting or Adwords
7. Viral Marketing Video Scanning
8. Classifieds Social Media Targeting / Influencers
9. Affiliate Marketing
10. Desktop or Software
11. Product Placement
12. Pop Ups or Pop Under’s
13. Landing Pages
14. Lead Gen

Consumers have a preference on Online Video Ads by ample edge

The wide-ranging greater concert of online video ads compared to traditional TV ads is important. Online video ads have 65% wide-ranging recall as compared to 46% common recall for TV ads. Online video ads also present to a large extent advanced levels of kind recall 50% as compared to 28%, the message reminds 39% as compared to 21%, and likeability 26% as compared to 14% than TV ads.

The data shows to facilitate network video addresses are additionally occupied and caring to the programs they are observing, which is probably to a purpose of the viewing surroundings and the often-required energetic mouse-clicking to begin and carry on content. Online video is also motionless a relative novelty compared to conventional forms of media. More, and most considerably, condensed Ad confusion and the incapacity to simply bounce ads are substantial recall-enhancing factors.

Further, the analysis finds that online airings of obtainable TV ads contain the uppermost eyewitness ratings of each and every one. This may be owing to the usually advanced manufacture value of TV ads, or to watcher favourite for their absorptive, reflexive environment. In addition, listeners in the
13-to-34 age group had upper ratings than listeners in any other age group.

Dual Platform Exposure is Effective

Marketers and listeners exposed to the same TV ad on mutually the online and TV platforms as compared to listeners who see ads on TV by you, considerable rise occurred in communication recall is 18%, brand recall is 35%, message recall is 53% and likeability is 31%.

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