Are Indians trying to get Android N version?


In Kerala, Neyyappam is a special and delicious dish prepared during their traditional festivals. It is a South Indian desert.

That’s okay. Now the question is how google came to know about this delicious dish Neyyappam. Normally Google will name their android versions with a touch of sweets like kitkat, lollypop, marshmallow and that to in alphabetical order. So next to marshmallow they have to come up with confectionery name which should start with “N”.

When Google CEO Sundar Pichai visited India last year he had invited suggestion to name the upcoming android version with Indian Sweet Name. Here the fire has been started, when Google started online poll for suggestions, Neyyapam being in the top of the list and grabbed many votes.

Kerala based techies Arun V Kumar, Prasobh K and Sunil Joseph started various advertising campaigns to popularize the Neyyappam to receive more votes in Google Online Poll.   is developed by Arun which is generating traffic around 3000 visit per day.

Arun said “Being a Malayali, I would be proud if Google name its upcoming Android version with their traditional dish Neyyappam”.

The Neyyappam Logo created by Sunil is turning all eyes of media and social networking sites on them. Even Kerala Tourist department doing its promoting part by tweeting on twitter.

But the Google online poll has been closed 12:29pm on June 24, 2016 and the next Android version name is grabbed by Nutella . Now the Android 7th version is Android Nutella.