HP Sprout Pro

HP Sprout Pro

The HP Sprout Pro is an updated version of its previous innovative PC. The previous invention was designed keeping in mind the home users. This time it’s aimed at artists, designers, and modelers. It can be used by professional and even by students.

Sprout Pro maximizes your productivity by eliminating the barriers at key stages at workflow. By combining 3D capture of real world objects with simple and powerful editing tools, Sprout pro will bring your ideas into live quickly. Sprout Pro includes a new high-performance processor and memory technologies, Windows 10 Pro. It includes basic manageability and security features and comes with a 3-year commercial warranty.

Design and feature:

HP Sprout Pro

The Sprout Pro is an All-in-One PC with a 23-inch screen. It has included a 20-inch Touch-Mat below the screen. This Touch-Mat is used to draw on with the bundled Adonit Jot Pro stylus or can even touch with your fingers. This mat is projected onto by the Illuminator that sticks out over the top of the screen. This will essentially turn the mat into a Cintiq-style tablet or display. The Illuminator also includes a 3D camera to capture flat objects like sketches. Then it scans in 3D whatever is placed underneath it.

HP Sprout Pro

Processor And Capacity:

Sprout Pro by HP is so much more than an innovative tool. At its core, Sprout is a high-performance All-In-One computer. It consists an upgraded Intel Core i7 Processor, 1TB of storage, and new Windows 10 Pro operating system. So it has plenty of power for everything from the office to the studio.

This PC consolidates a normal PC, digital projector, 3D scanner, and more. All these make it a cost-effective, all-in-one solution as HP Sprout Pro. The Sprout Pro proves to be a creative pro. Illustrators could scan in drawings, then apply digital brushwork or coloring directly onto the artwork on the Touch Mat. they can also be able to see what they were doing without their hand on the main screen.

HP Sprout Pro

The HP Sprout pro just has a faster processor, an Intel Core i7 chip. This processor is two generations on from the original Sprout’s ‘Haswell’ Core i7 chip. the built-in RAM is DDR4 instead of DDR3.

3D artists could mold objects out of clay as tactile sketches, which could be scanned using the Autodesk-developed 3D Capture app. This outputs them as OBJ files that can be used in any 3D application and in Photoshop as well.


HP was keen to show off that captured objects could be returned to the real world using low-cost 3D printers. But, scanning objects with that printer to create identical copies will result in a poor quality. So HP showed off how a model of an elephant could be quickly scanned then adapted into a centaur-type figure, which was then 3D printed.

HP Sprout Pro

For 3D pros, this could cause issues as tools like Maya demand a workstation-class graphics chip such as Nvidia’s Quadro line.

The usefulness of the HP Sprout Pro to Digital Arts readers is also helped by key software developers like Adobe, Autodesk, and the Foundry starting to add support for the Sprout’s numerous input and control mechanisms to at least some of their apps.

Autodesk’s current Sprout-friendly tools are the SketchBook drawing software and the TinkerCAD tool. This TinkerCAD tool is used for tinkering with 3D models. SketchBook Pro works across both of the Sprout Pro’s screens. You can capture real-world artworks using the Illuminator.

Adobe Illustrator has some support for the Sprout essentially while working across both screens. Adobe works on adding this to Photoshop, but not sure if that includes capturing 3D models. Though you can capture models as OBJs using Autodesk’s 3D Capture app. Then you can import them into Photoshop.

HP Sprout Pro is excellent but it still feels like the software for creative pros isn’t quite there yet. We’d wish to see more tools from Adobe and Autodesk before the Sprout Pro is released in March for its real potential to be anywhere near reached.

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