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In the year 2014 the One plus mobile has released with a powerful idea. What we think generally is the phone must have a good look, be powerful and not cost a crapload? One plus one is a Mic drop and one plus 2 is a sophomore follow up, but the 3 silences the haters and it is a “Flagship killer”@   $400 without dumb systems. It is not only the best phone but also it is cheapest phone.

Compared to previous versions of one plus phone the latest one plus 3 is in advanced version and also it is not much expensive.  One Plus co-founder Carl Pei told Gizmodo that the original One Plus used sandstone because of using metal was so expensive. For 3 one plus price raised some cost to go full terminator.

oneplus-3softgold” will be available next.

One plus 3 phone specifications

Manufactured from a block of anodized aluminum and borrowing more from the design companies popularized by competitors finally the one plus 3 phone looks like “Premium” phone it is always wanted to be. The 3’s camera placement and antenna design was extremely HTC-inspired while the 5.5-inch 1080p shows bubbles up from the bezels a lot like the iphone.

But it is not just a heartless copycat.

oneplus-3Same as one plus 2 the one plus 3 also runs the own Android mod called Oxygen Os. Compared to smart phones the one plus phone has more customization options like dark theme, icon sizes, more  multitasking options .Oxygen Os is generally the current release of android, but with some small  twists to the user interface. To show you how the android running on Nexus 5x and Oxygen Os running in the one plus 3.The below extra points you can guess what is what..


The 3 has a similar spec like the remaining best of the recent mobile phones. It has  USB Type-c check latest snapdragon? Yes sir it is a latest snapdragon because it is having the Fingerprint sensor, high megapixel camera, and fast charging? Yep, yep, and you betcha. The only thing you could do is put the minus column is a 1080p AMOLED display instead of pixel dense 2k screen found on other phones. But for you’re going to be big and strong VR to your face, you’ll probably be just as happy with the One plus 3.

The major highlight is the amount of RAM packed into the One Plus 3-6 GB. Six! That is as much as a laptop-a can store one-but still! This really allows Oxygen OS to shine. Same as like Apple and ios One Plus has optimized its in-house software to work especially on the One plus 3, so it has the advantage of storing all that RAM where the other competitors don’t have.


PDF Test, One Plus 3 (right) and iphone 6s Plus (left)

In side-by-side testing, the One Plus 3 tool is easy to keep up with the iPhone 6s Plus. We have opened the same giant PDF on both phones, and the One plus 3 just hardly beat the iPhone. It even feels slightly faster when compared to Apple’s painfully slow animations.

When we are trying to open the camera with overall a dozen of other apps running in the background the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge did in a 2.6 seondcs. But the One Plus 3 opened in under one second


Once the camera pops open, the One plus 3 clearly makes some impressive strides in terms of software and hardware. On behalf of one, you can use the 16 megapixel front camera to shoot in RAW-exceedingly useful for saving badly exposed photos in station-and the updated camera app has manual control, so you can play with all the advanced camera settings that you want.

Sadly the ability to play can’t save optics that are average. It is having a comparison with the One Plus 3 and three of its competitors-the Galaxy S7, LG G5, and the I phone 6s Plus.

Although the photo captures the overall image even when masked in weak lighting, the details which given in Steve Jobs’ face (not Kutcher) are not clear when compared to the Galaxy S7 and the 6s Plus. We’re not talking disastrous differences, but possibly enough to encourage someone looking for the very best mobile camera.

But it isn’t somewhat less-than-excellent camera that’s the One Plus 3’s big fault. It’s battery life. On at least two occasions during my week with the 3, it died late into the evening. At one point, it left me safe outside of my apartment building not capable to reach my roommates. I had to walk for  friends house, hit on the door, and asked  him to let me sleep on his couch. It’s these moments where a phone that can final  into next morning (the Samsung S7’s battery life really is extreme) is more useful when compared to One plus.

oneplus-3One plus 3 with USB Type –c and it will generate  charge quickly using dash charge. The 3 is having its own mix of fast charge called dash charge where the company says we offer a day charge in half an hour but it takes 40 minutes to charge 80 percent on the 3’s 3000mAh battery. Good, but not amazing. One Plus thinks people will just work on their phones periodically throughout the day, but that doesn’t fit my routine.

Away from that, it is to look not hard at the One plus 3 and wonder how this unknown Chinese company has so quickly and confidently made a flagship phone for cheap. This is-in every  logic of the phrase a top of the line device. Where previous One Plus phones were spoiled with compromises, the One plus 3 makes almost none. For the price, the One Plus 3 is the absolutely best phone you can buy.



  • Thanks to in-house hardware and software-not to mention 6GB of memory this phone flies with ridiculous speed.
  • The camera was not so good best but it has RAW support so you can fix it in position  just like original  photographer does.
  • There is No expandable memory, but 64 GB means you need not be worried.
  • Although it looks like stock Android, it definitely isn’t, which means you’ll be waiting for Android N  months, like rest of the non-Nexus world.
  • Battery life is the main key for a mobile. If you Charge your phone you  no need  to sleep on a friend’s couch.

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