Phone As a Scanner With ScanR


Your mobile phone’s camera can be used as a scanner irrespective of where you are. A service called ScanR helps you to capture information or data from either whiteboard or paper documents and can be digitized rapidly.

How does this work?

Step 1: Make use of your mobile phone or digital camera to capture photograph from any document, whiteboards, and even business cards.

Step 2: Send all the images to scanR (send to for documents and to for whiteboards)

Step 3: ScanR will send you back properly formatted PDF versions of all the documents.

If you are working with the ScanR for the first time, you will have to register for an account. The process of registration is very simple and takes a minutes or two. All that you should do is to produce your email ID and get it verified with the activation code by entering it. Then you can get started with the service by emailing it the necessary images that you wish to get converted into PDF formats. You can also make use of your mobile phone to send images and get PDF versions in return.

The ScanR works on your image to make it look far better. It not only converts your files but also makes them look better than the original ones. Below are the snapshots, showing ScanR


One important thing to remember is that the mobile camera or a digital camera that is used should have a minimum of 1 megapixel lens.

Some of the things you can manage to do with ScanR are as follows:

  • Get nicely formatted PDF versions for captured files
  • Save all the  paper documents, whiteboards and even business cards in your account
  • It can easily search through documents, whiteboards, and business cards
  • If needed, it downloads data to your computer
  • Transfer data from the business cards (that you have created from taking snapshots of paper business cards) to preferred contact management application (i.e., Jigsaw, Plaxo,

The performance of this service is quite impressive. Actually, it does what it shows and even more than that. It cannot be used completely free but whatever comes with basic service is more than enough for an aspirant Joe. With basic service, you get the following:

  • Option to scan business cards and convert them into PDF files that are searchable
  • Convert photos of documents or whiteboards into legible PDF files for the future use.

ScanR provides a number of features, but it will be available mainly for premium members.

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