Prevent Touchpad Clicks When Typing in Windows 10

Prevent Touchpad Clicks When Typing in Windows 10

There is a time when 100% of my study, work and leisure takes place on a laptop. The procedure to Prevent Touchpad Clicks When Typing in Windows 10 is briefly explained. Even though I miss the convenience and portability of that rose-tinted era. One thing I Never miss  is typing on a laptop keyboard.

That doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with a laptop keyboard itself but nothing frustrates me more than the interference of a touchpad. Within a one minute you are typing and the next-next minute your cursor jumps to a random spot breaking your flow.

breaking the flow

In Windows, you can terminate this nuisance once and for all by enabling a feature that disables touchpad activity when you’re typing. Here are the important points for how to turn it on in Windows 10:

  • Browse for Mouse & touchpad settings in the Start Menu and launch the Settings app.
  • Beneath the Touchpad section, set a delay from the drop-down menu. Short, Medium, and Long will all work.
  • Tap OK and exit the Settings app.

The faster you type, the shorter the delay you can use and even though still not have been interfered while typing. That’s why, if you have the leisure time, you should consider learning how to type faster. If you’re determined, you can even learn a new on concord faster keyboard layout.

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