All users use the Windows search to find the files on their system. The owned user of the computer does not use the file search, they use it rarely. When other persons use the system, with the help of File Search, they used to find the files in the system.

            Whenever, someone starts typing for keyword in the File Search box, it will show some previous keywords as suggestions. So, it becomes easy for an unknown person see the files searched by the owned user of the computer.

For e.g., if they type the letter‘d’, they will find the related keywords starting with the letter‘d’. So it becomes trouble for an owned user. Suppose the owned user already searched for secret files, when the other person search by typing the letter ‘s’, they will find the keyword suggesting ‘secret files’. So, this situation creates trouble for the owned user. Therefore, the user has to know how to delete the file search history.

Clearing the search FILE history can be done through a simple registry hack. The user has to edit the registry keys using the registry editors. To remove the file search history follow the steps given below:

  1. Click on start, and type the word regedit in the search box then press enter key.
  2. Now follow the given commands:

Double click the HKEY_CURRENT_USER and open the Software -> Microsoft ->

Windows then open CurrentVersion -> Explorer -> WordWheelQuery.



  1. After finishing the above task, now the user has to right click on the WordWheelQuery and then select Delete from the menu.
  2. Exit the registry editor and the user has to restart their computer.

After this, the user no longer sees the old search queries as keyword suggestion. With the help of this hack, the user can remove all their older file search keywords in Windows 7.