AndroidPhoneSoft – Android To Android Content Transfer App

Think your Android phone is out-dated and thinking of upgrading to the latest Android version phone. Good that you have made a decision to upgrade your phone, but have you given any thought of how you are going to transfer all the data from the old Android phone to the new one? Even though you have easy access to the SD card, it is tough to transfer the data like contacts, SMS, apps and much more. No need to worry anyway. We’ve provided you an easy way to transfer data from android to android easily. Once you complete reading this article, you’ll be fully ready and confident to transfer any kind of data from android to android.

Copy Data by Using 1-Click Phone Transfer

Androidphonesoft provides one of the easiest ways to transfer data from android to android phone. It supports almost 3000 devices and is compatible to transfer data from iPhone, Symbian, Windows Phone without any kind of data loss. It is also completely compatible with iOS 11 and Android 8 version phones as well.

You can be assured that your personal information will not be stored anywhere in the software and you’ll be the only one person who will be having access to all the data. It almost takes less than 3 minutes to transfer all the data from android to android including contacts, messages, apps, calendar, photos, music, video files, call logs etc.

Now follow the steps provided below to transfer data from android to android:

  • Download and install the phone to phone transfer software
  • Once the installation process is completed, open the software on your computer and click “Phone to Phone Transfer”
  • Now connect both the Android phones to your computer using USB cables
  • The software automatically detects your android phones and lists both the phones on the left and right side
  • It will also detect all the contents available in your old android phone and lists it to enable you to choose what data you want to transfer
  • Choose the data you need and click “Start Transfer”
  • The data transfer process gets started and will clearly display the progress of the transfer process.
  • You also have an option to clear all data if any in the new phone before copying from your old phone.

Android to Android Content Transfer

That’s it!! As we said earlier, it is really an easy process to transfer data from android to android using Androidphonesoft app. It is one of the best data transfer tools for Android Phones as you can transfer any kind of data within just minutes. It only reads all the information in your old android phone and transfers all required data to your new android phone and in no situation is your personal data stored anywhere in the system to enable 100% safety for your data. Only you’ll have access to all your data and no one else at any cost.

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